The area of illustration defines the world. It is a trend to become extremely visible while invisible. We see the latest illustration trends in our digital age. It becomes an easy way to promote business and products or services.

People see or use illustrations in their life. They are keen to know the meaning of illustrators. It influences and transforms our visual culture to give web design companies the ability to promote their products or services in a new way.

What Does Illustration Mean?

The illustration is a visual design used for interpreting, representing, analyzing, or enhancing words in books, newspapers, and digital media. It is a drawing that is needed to create websites and apps more user-friendly.

The examples are cover design on a paper coffee cup, a character on the box, & wallpaper in the favorite product. Multiple applications use illustrations in their work.

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Digital Illustration

In current years, the outbreak of digital illustration has started an entire world of possibilities for UI UX designers worldwide.

The beginning of drawing applications such as Procreate, Figma, Adobe Illustrator has allowed illustrators to make their natural dreams come to life. They use mixing illustration with other tools such as photography and video.

The UI UX designer starts using Photoshop and Procreate brushes, enabling designers to include a sketch, watercolor, or oil painting. It transforms any image into a digital treasure.

There are distinct types of hand-drawn, hand-crafted details that are one of the illustration trends 2024.. The multiple brands and designers included an illustration in their branding, websites, and creative projects. There are various digital illustration tools & techniques that increase popularity.

We can see current illustration trends and styles that regularly emerge. It helps in conveying the messages to the target audience in the best way.

Various Ways Of Illustration

It created the classic illustration with drawing, painting, and engraving in a traditional medium. It is an art style that is explained in an immense variety of techniques, such as.

  • Block illustration
  • Charcoal illustration
  • Ink illustration
  • Woodcut illustration
  • Watercolor
  • Pencil Illustration
  • Collage Illustration
  • Acrylic Illustration

These methods of illustration are used and loved, but our tools developed to our modern illustration techniques.

Nowadays, many illustrators adapted to digital tools to set up vector illustrations. There are digital tools, so designers set up a wide range of textures that include various pictures.

Many designers use vector graphics software such as Vectornator or Adobe illustrator for illustration. These tools help to draw digital images in various ways & scale with the best quality.

Various types of art movements form illustrative styles. There are unique genres of depiction that gradually influence style. It helps to understand cultural factors that influence illustration designs.

There are various organizations such as Bauhaus, pop art, surrealism, & many others. It inspires graphic designers and illustrators in developing their unique styles.

The incredible thing is that it gives freedom to UI UX designers to explore every method in a collection of patterns.

Illustration Trends 2024

We watch the development of current illustration trends 2024s. We marked a thrill from the past with fascinating old-school illustration types, & shaped modern illustration design more remarkably.

There are lots of ideas for illustration in UX design and website performance. UI/UX design agency always follow the trends to get a more favorable chance of reaching out on top of the immense competition

We conclude that their various amazing trends developed throughout the years. It remains to influence the UI UX designers in the coming months.

The madness of 2020 examined the development of artistic industries. There is the development of multiple impressive and innovative illustration styles or trends that thrived in 2024. There is a trend of health, line art, minimizing geo abstract & 3D illustration.

We know trends are difficult things to forecast. There is excitement to understand the latest illustration trend.

Let us check the latest illustration trends becoming popular.

Medical Illustrations

We have all faced a pandemic since last year. People prefer not to go out because of fear of getting ill.

It gives a chance to UI UX designers to show their skills to spread the message of COVID-19 because it becomes an enormous concern in their lives.

Most newspapers, magazines, websites, apps engage with editorial illustrations to explain complicated concepts thoroughly. The cover image of the Economist by Andrea Ucini’s & Jennifer E. Fairman’s ideas for John Hopkins School of Medicine.

We talk about current illustration trends. There is a trend of Alissa Eckert & Dan Higgins’ scientific or medical illustrations. They designed a 3DS Max image of the Coronavirus that improved to give a pattern and design in the public mind. It encouraged further interpretation in a collection of illustrated designs.

Most governments and health institutions used illustrators to spread public health messages everywhere. The famous Vietnamese illustrator Le Duc Hiep’s banner encourages people to come together & Studio Number One’s pro-bono banners support wearing a mask.

The infections are continuing, and several vaccines are on the market. In the latest trends, it encourages people to take the vaccination.

The latest medical illustration trends become an engaging trend to encourage the public to wear the mask and take vaccinations.

Abstract & Geometric Styles

The abstract & geometric illustrations have significant effects on the minds of people. Complex, comical geometric shapes arise the idea and set up an embracing feeling of playfulness.

Digital illustrations give a feel of a little cool & impersonal thing in the growing appeal for physical and traditional techniques.

When designers use classic geometric shapes with an abstract revelation, that encourages designers to explore various shapes, colors, patterns, and textures. The big design trend for 2021-22 is geo abstract designs that mix the specific character of geometry with the vast chaos of abstract art.

Presenting these trends into practice includes balanced minimalist and maximalist features. It connects a simple color palette with chaotic patterns and layers, or goes easy on the geometric factors and contrasts with a maximalist, clashing color palette.

The vibrant abstract geometric design by Danjazzia is an outstanding example of the Geo Abstract trend in action. It uses bold colors, repetitive patterns, sharp corners, and observing eye concepts that look straight into the soul. It flawlessly balances geometric arrangement with abstract entropy to engage the target audience.

3D Illustrations

The fascinating trend in illustrations 2024 is 3D with bold colors and shapes. They make not only it in 2-dimensional space but in 3D by using volume and mass visually.

Many companies analyze 3D illustration as the most suitable option for their brands to look for more engaging and modernization-thinking. The futuristic touch of 3D images represents a brand that stands out online.

The biggest 3D illustration design trends allow designers to lift their thoughts off the 2D page and make their designs to life. UI designers want to recreate real-life objects or produce them straight from their imagination.

It provides 3D illustration design with a new world of artistic opportunities & popped online throughout the past year. It becomes attractive for use across website designs, digital interfaces, social media, and everything in between.

Many illustrators use 3D visual data reads to deliver information to people. They use pie charts, bar graphs to super-accurate infographics & show that the sky truly is the limit.

3D illustrations have immense power to express ideas that vibrate with each of us. The work with simple geometric image shapes and textures is a fresh approach with more area for analysis. UI UX designers create designs as 3D software is becoming more user-friendly and handy.

Flat Color Palette

The flat color & limited palette relates to one of the many attractive illustration design trends, 2024. It makes the image more minimalist and bold at the same time. We base this less is more principle. Flat color in the digital interface design of the product keeps the user concentrated on the chief content without perplexing on multiple details and tones.

In the illustration, sometimes less is more. The UI designer and illustrator, concentrating on engraving and display.

We understand color is an excellent way to tell about the mood and identity of a product. They use bright and bold primary colors in designs to attract more target audiences.

These styles & trends are evocative of the designs by artist Piet Mondrian from the Bauhaus movement. Most of all, designers fall in love with it to see community drawing influences from masters in the past.

90s Effect

Nostalgia is an impressive trend of interpretation because usage of a retro palette, existence features of the ‘90s, and old-school typefaces set up a sense of remorse. It frequently arouses a lot of the user’s emotions and makes a sharp response.

We base this trend based on associations with well-known approaches we remember from our childhood. It sets up a pleasant effect by using these concepts and memories. It also shows how all trends change over the last many years.

Engaging & Funny

There is a growth of playful and engaging illustrations this year. Designers continued with more interesting static images.

We see the expanding notoriety of GIFs and animated illustrations that make them more fun-looking and linked with cartoons. There is a need to use and apply wisely because there is a precise line between engaging and annoying users.


Surrealism is a growing power in 2024 and listed the latest trends. It presented all images in a surrealist style that makes digital results more creative-looking and stylish.

You can add art to software designs or mobile apps in specific and typically depend on the use. There is a need to know your audience completely, so they engage with your designs.

There is an opportunity for advanced 3D software that remains to sustain the concept of the mind, inclining surrealistic imagery. It is easy to access high-quality 3D scanned services, superior procedural techniques with AR and VR.


It is the next trending illustration practice. The tendency of printmaking adds a sense of compassion, reliability, and retro to illustration designs. When we use it alone, it looks traditional & mixed with other printmaking styles. It looks innovative and suggests creative collages.


We know every object has its texture as rough, smooth, or slimy. These details we use in digital art with extraordinary textures become top trends in images.

It probably follows real-life exteriors of objects and adds a natural look to pictures. We used illustrations with textures on websites, mobile apps, and package design.

Textures mix distinct depths and qualities in your illustration design. The world is abundant in textures that specifically help.

We look at a wall that has paint skinning with grimy walls or a wooden pillar. It produces a light to a flurry of emotions because of the characteristics of surfaces. Inorganic textures surround us & when we design or polish & present it, we feel the same way.

Innovative Approaches

UX designers take artistic methods of body forms and interpret human bodies in original ways. Digital illustrations keep our physical presence with funny or stylish cartoons. It becomes a notable digital illustration trend because sketchy brushstrokes and unbalanced lines possibly are the constant characteristics of cartoons.

We have discussed illustration trends 2024. Many other illustrators are in the direction that helps in sending the brand message in the best way.

Wrap Up

UIUX Studio is presenting multiple services related to UI UX designing to various clients worldwide. Our design team is experts in making and producing illustrations. We always give preferences to work on the latest illustration trends & explore various trending designs such as 3D design art. We also use it on different projects for our clients.

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