Over time we have all heard about people talking about how some companies have good UX but Poor UI. In the world of tech capital, there are so many things that we do not know regarding UI/UX. For us, it is a language that many of us fail to understand. To make things easier for you and to make you understand the term, here are some of the things you should know about UIUX and the top ux agencies that you could work within the year 2024.

If you are looking for a design partner, let’s get in touch. Schedule Your 30 Minutes FREE Consultation and We are ready to help with any product design and research challenges you may have. Without further ado, based on my judgment the top UI UX agencies.

Top 10 UX Agencies

  1. UIUX Studio
  2. Digital Telepathy
  3. Ideo
  4. Fantasy Interactive
  5. Designit
  6. Fjord
  7. Work & Co
  8. Nielsen Norman Group
  9. Method
  10. Frog

Top UX Agencies to work with in the field of UI/UX

For a better experience of the user in the field of UX/UI, we have agencies that work for such better experiences. We have UX agencies that specialize in consultancy and user experience. Such companies can build and design mobile applications UI, multiple websites, and software. It is an important part of the current world and in the coming years, the demand for such agencies will only increase.

Here are some of the top UX agencies 2024

UIUX Studio

Award-Winning UI UX Design Agency Working With Top-Notch Brands Worldwide

UIUX studio is one of the top ux agencies out there and is our top pick for our list of top UI/UX design agencies. Multiple independent firms such as clutch release their top picks for each year. And UIUX studio is on many of those lists thus they are one of our top ux agencies to work with.

They provide a reliable team at your services and they have a multi-cultural team that works for you thus providing you with the best results. Our work is respected by multinational companies such as Zeplin. UI/UX studios work near their clients to give them the best and easy-to-use products along with no headache. As we have worked in multiple countries and with many corporations, we have created a worldwide network of people. Some of our best partners include Freshminds, Belvedere, Black, Rentorr., and many more.

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Digital Telepathy

A San Diego-based UX design agency

The firm was incorporated in the year 20 and they originally started as a web design firm. The firm is famous for its ambition of tribe-building. The clients of telepathy are Adobe, Marriott, Patagonia, etc. the team of telepathy works together on projects with the help of design subscriptions. Along with this, they hold workshops and training programs for people so that they can become good and gain knowledge in this field.


A global product design and innovation company

The company is globally recognized and was established in the year 1991. It is an innovative firm that has started its services in the field of technology designs. They work with all the big brands of the world and are second on our list. Apart from this, the company gives off a strong aura of work and UX/UI experience. They also have a strong presence in Silicon Valley. They are the ones that have designed the famous and the very first apple mouse. Ideo has a strong team of designers, engineers, and researchers that have helped them to gain their reputation. It is no coincidence that ideo is a part of top UX agencies 2024. Apart from this ideo also invest in design education for people.

Fantasy Interactive

A global UI/UX design agency with an office in the US

Fantasy interactive came into existence in the year 1999. The company gained fame because of its beautiful UI designs. They have a very strong presence visually and give the best work to their clients. It is always our top UI UX agencies that work for better UI’s. The current count of fantasy employees is just 50 people but they are the best.


A global UX design agency with over 16 studios worldwide

It is a global agency that has over 16 studios all over the world. They have built a worldwide network of people along with their services. Over time the company has gained momentum and now they work with tech giants such as Google and other big companies such as Starbucks. It works with them in the department of service design and interaction design. They also have active participation in designing education with multiple varieties of courses, training, and boot camps for people to learn.


A Big Multinational Design Agency

It is a multinational agency that works in the design department and is part of the Accenture management consulting firms. Ford generally has pricey projects from the company Accenture. They are mainly into management consultancy and they help to shape the strategy for their clients and users. They also provide services on service design that lets them design and reimagine offline services. This also helps them to use design methodologies from outside the scope of the tech world. Now it employs more than 500 people around the world.

Work and Co.

One of the fastest-growing agencies

This agency is one of the fastest-growing agencies currently and is our pick for top UX agencies. The name symbolizes the two things that matter most in the fieldwork and the company you surround yourself with. After its incorporation, it became famous among companies like Google, Facebook, and Apple. It is one of the fastest-growing agencies as in just 5 years it went from 0 to 100 people. The practice that they follow and is the reason for their success is that they put one senior engineer and designer on their product. They emphasize the fact that one of them runs the project as a team head. Their first famous project was redesigning the website of Virgin America.

Nielsen Norman Group

A UX consulting firm organizing training, research, and advisory services to other companies.

It is a consulting firm that helps in organizing research, training camps, advisory services, etc. the main focus of this consulting firm is to give advice and teach other people about the field to impart knowledge. They do not compete now in the market but they teach a new generation about UX/UI.

With the help of the above findings, we conclude our list of top UX agencies for the year 2024.


A product design firm offering corporate identity solutions

It is a firm that helps in product designing and offers various solutions for corporate identities, ideas relating to marketing, design services, etc. they have almost 30 offices in 12 different countries and it employs around 100 people that work for the agency. It is our top pick as it has a good working experience and has a good team with new and innovative ideas at its disposal.


One of the oldest industrial design agencies

It is one of the oldest agencies in the sector of industrial designs and has been working in this sector for more than 50 years now. It is one of the oldest players in the market. They were originally a branding firm but over time they evolved into a UI/UX agency. They provide every service to their clients from designing furniture to branding any product. They are quite diverse in that respect. They currently have 10 offices around the world and are a big name in the market. Despite expanding they are still the best in the industrial design department and they work best with projects that are on hardware, digital interfaces, and when you require branding of any product. As these things are their niches.

Why do companies advertise UX/UI roles interchangeably?
We have established that both UX and UI are two separate and distinct fields but still, there are advertisements where they use both the terms interchangeably. The reason behind such things is that both UI and UX are both relatively new fields and are specific to the technology industry. But when you move out of the tech-specific field people have a hard time understanding both the terms in such cases they in confusion use the term interchangeably.

Though in the world, both the terms are not understood yet the value of good design has increased in recent years. But still, there is a long way to go in the field as people still hire one person to do the job if both UX/UI designers. On the other hand, multiple big corporations will deliberately have versatile designers who can work as both UX/UI users and know about their principles.

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