Top App Design Companies to Work With In 2024

Being an app designing company, it is our responsibility at UIUX Studio to provide you with a brief overview of the companies that made it big and can be fun to work with in the industry this year. We have been in the industry for a long time, and the industry has granted us the liberty to know, who is performing great and who isn’t? Well, as you need a variety without being biased, here are some of the deep insights from the app designing space.

One of the first things you do, when you need the best app designing company, you just type it on Google or any online platform. Your part of the research is to read the articles by different companies, listed through the page rankings.

In our quest to give you a detailed insight from the archives and analysis board, we picked around 50 firms that did a good business and had a name in the UI UX market. Here we present the ten best app development companies that are fun to work with, providing amazing results that would surely amaze you.

In case you did not skip directly to the top 10 best list, here are some tips for you that you will find in the article if you are careful! To give you a hint:

  1. Choosing the right mobile app design company to work with for your business
  2. What is the price of mobile app design in 2024?
  3. Benefits and drawbacks of working with a local or a remote app designing company

Just in case you are wondering, it is very essential to choose a proper partner for your design, especially if it is for your business. Consider small things like the company location, complete domain knowledge, and even the pricing with a corporate culture that suits your style of business matters. Now, go dig into the detailed assessment of the best app design company, finding out which one will be best suited for you.

8 Best App Designing Companies On The List:

  1. UIUX Studio
  2. Despark
  3. Intuz
  4. Ramotion
  5. Brainvire Infotech Inc
  6. Riseapps
  7. Blue Label Labs
  8. Hedgehog Lab

UIUX Studio

Award-winning App Design Agency Working With Companies Globally

The world loves us, as we are an award-winning app design company and we love designing apps for the world.

UIUX Studio, despite being in the market for a long time, is still the fastest-growing app design company. Being a part of the top B2B business service providers by Clutch Global award 2021 is a proud moment. And we have been an exclusive member of the UI UX agencies community since 2020.

The journey began with the thirst to become one of the best app designs companies in 2013. The crew members kept adding and the boat sailed, with a crew of nearly 2 dozen members, looking to serve the world with the same goal. This is what made us serve better results to you and solve your designing problems just preciously.

The best part about our job is that the new business ideas that the youth bring in, make the process fun and interesting at the same time. Helping startups and other projects worldwide, that the locals love us while the business mostly comes from different places. Our framework that is designed allows us to provide projects that work wonderfully and deliver you everything in time. Meaning your business gets the priority no matter what.

Why Choosing UI UX Might Be a Better Option For You As a Design Partner?

Working with the new and upcoming stars across industries makes us what we are. Along with that, major recognizable firms that are surely present on your phone have probably collaborated with us.

Until a few years back, while helping the delightful businesses, we came up with an idea to design for our innovative trademark products. The UI UX folio, Copyfolio, are special portfolio builders for copywriters. These tools also work as portfolio builders for the designers. This unique combination of artists’ approaches gave us a unique lookout in the industry, as the best design solution company that starts the trend with the latest insights of the industry.

Along with that, we understand what the clients want from designers so rather than just developing, we take workshops, conduct research, and assist in the product release to give everyone a perfect app design experience of a lifetime.

The design is not what is once done, it is final when there is a new factor in that. This comes with time and long-term partners that understand your vision and are ready to do the impossible.

As the torch must be passed on, we pass on the knowledge and educate everyone, especially skillful designers that share our likes. This course on product design twice a year shares design thinking and UI UX, which most struggle at the start.

This would be a perfect app design company. Schedule Your FREE Consultation and let’s discuss some of your needs and bring credibility to your design. , Contact us and we will get in touch with you, just to give you an experience of the richness of this side of the screen.


App Design & Development Agency Based In London

Despark is a London- based creative design agency. They are popular for designing user-centric products and experiences. They have another studio in Sofia also and they work with worldwide clients. Their notable collaborations are with Vodafone, King’s College London. Altrix, etc since 2007. Despark provides services like app design and development, React, React Native & PHP Development product strategy, and usability testing. Despark got the award of ‘Best Web Agency’ by Forbes Evolution awards last year. They also host many events in London.


Mobile App Design & Development Agency Based In San Francisco

It is a mobile and web app development agency based in San Francisco, USA. Intuz provides end-to-end software development services. They have more than a hundred experts and skilled developers, creative designers, and marketers. Since their establishment in 2008, they have provided service to over 400 clients and collaborated on about 1500 projects. They have a team of passionate designer developers and they focus on innovative and powerful digital solutions with modern technologies matching the needs of their clients. They have more than 10 years of experience in this field and some of their most famous clients include Bosch, Cambridge Publications, Mercedes, JLL, AMG, HolidayInn, etc.


A Digital Product Design Agency In San Francisco

Ramotion is an app design agency situated in San Francisco, USA. Their work is mainly with budding enterprises, startups, etc. It has more than ten years of experience. It is not just about design services but as a digital product agency, it helps clients with positioning, branding web and app development, information architecture, and copywriting, etc. You should consider Ramotion if you want an app design company that can develop, design, and promote your product altogether and give you an overall great experience. Ramotion has collaborated with reputed companies like Netflix, Opera, Adobe, etc.

Brainvire Infotech Inc

A Digital Transformation Agency

Their expertise includes:

  • Blockchain,
  • Artificial Intelligence,
  • Machine Learning,
  • Cloud Computing, and
  • IoT, etc.

Brainvire was established in 2000. Their headquarter is in Utah, USA. They have more than 1000 employees now in the UK, US, UAE, Canada, Europe, and Australia. The Company creates innovative web and app designs for many well-known business and e-commerce platforms. They have a wide arena of work. With a worldwide reputation and presence, they have collaborations in more than 1500 projects. Some of the notable clients are Walt Disney, Landmark Group, FreshDirect, EagleHills, and Entrepreneur, etc.


Eastern European App Design Service Provider

Riseapps is an Eastern Europe-based software and app and software design and development agency working since 2016. They have worked on more than 50 projects since then and in 2019 they were named top mobile app developers for startups by Clutch.

Their core expertise includes:

  • iOS development,
  • Android development
  • IoT
  • information technology
  • React Native development,
  • Machine learning
  • project management
  • UI/UX design
  • mobile development

They have expert designers, developers, project managers, and research professionals. They provide services to budding startups and entrepreneurs also. Some of their notable collaborations are with Nikon, Bolt, Viemed, Fit20, Virgin Trains, etc.

Blue Label Labs

An App Design Agency Based In The USA

Blue Label Labs are based in the USA and their specialization is in mobile app development. They have 64 expert professionals working for them having offices in Seattle, New York, San Francisco. The Company provides services to big companies as well as new businesses and entrepreneurs. They have designed and built more than 150 android, iOS, and Windows apps. They have big client names including international companies as well.

Hedgehog Lab

A Global Digital Product Consultancy Agency Specializing In App Design

Hedgehog lab is a privately owned, global app development and app design company. They have an innovative approach in the field of app design, app development. It is working since 2007 in Newcastle, England. They now have a worldwide presence and have offices in the USA, India, and London. The company has a dedicated team of expert mobile app designers and developers who can build apps for smartphones and other devices as well.

They are equally experts in designing app and app interfaces for iOS, Android, and the web. Hedgehog lab creates designs that make your business profitable and improve its user experiences and digital interfaces. Some of their notable clients include Microsoft, Santander, Deliveroo, Kodak Alaris, Deliciously Ella, AkzoNobel, LaserShip, among others.

How To Choose The Best App Design Company?

To narrow down the choices you should first consider your needs and preferences. Below are some of the points to check before choosing an app design company:

  • The best app designing company always does research and creates the design based on that research. They work and make designs according to the business needs of their client. They make sure that every new interface of the app, any new feature, or even a new button is tested by real users.
  • You should be well aware of the company’s previous works to understand if they fit your needs. A reliable company will not hide anything and their previous designs and works will be displayed on their website for future clients to access easily.
  • Try to understand if the company achieved the previous client’s needs. For example, top app design companies like UIUX studio provide satisfied client testimonials that prove that their collaboration with their clients made the business profitable. On their website, these things along with previous designs and sample works are usually uploaded.


If you are trying to find the ideal and the best “app design companies near me”, analyze their previous project and design outcomes and assess if they could solve their client’s challenges. Do in-depth research and then make a decision as this is an important decision that can change the course of your business eventually. We at UIUX Studio will serve you as one of the best iOS app design companies with the help of our expert developers and latest technologies.