Top 5 Design Consulting Firms To Work With In 2024

UIUX Studio is one of the best UI and UX consulting firms that have worked with some of the industry giants. We have helped firms of small and large size with their designing and development phase, leading to some of the best results. However, we want to give you a comprehensive list of the top design consulting firms to give you a variety. To perform this feat, we researched, read portfolios, and contacted many firms in order to understand them and created this list of some of the most reliable design consulting firms in the country. These companies have proved themselves to be one of the best, as compared to the others.

This list was needed, as many people wanted to learn about design and innovation consulting firms. However, it is a tough task as most of the companies offer similar or even the same services. This leads to market saturation, and the end-users get confused. As a user, you need to have a company that will help you achieve your goals in a quick yet affordable way. However, you cannot compromise the quality of the services just for having cheaper rates.

So to help you choose the right company for your business, we have created this list full of some of the best design consulting firms. Moreover, you can get in touch with us to ensure your designing phase gets the best results and your business makes the most out of it.

Our list is based on some of the aspects which are necessary for a design firm. Some of these factors include:

  • The mission and goal of the company
  • How does the company work towards new and complicated projects?
  • What type of clients do the company work with?
  • What is the company doing to foster innovation in the industry?
  • What type of technology is the company using for getting the results?
  • How does the company respond to feedback/
  • What are their strengths and weaknesses?

There are some other aspects that we took into consideration before compiling the list. However, mentioning each of them would make this list endless. We hope this list will provide you with the best design consulting firm and help your business.

Top Design Consulting firms For Your Business In 2024

There are five consultancy firms that topped the list, and these are:

  1. UIUX Studio
  2. Whoa
  3. Fantasy
  4. IDEO
  5. R/GA

UIUX Studio

Award-winning UI UX Design Consulting firm working With Clients Globally

UIUX Studio is one of the best consultancy companies you can come across. As an award-winning design consulting firm, we focus on delivering the best results to the client. We are an award-winning company serving firms all over the world with our agile approach. We use design thinking, which ensures that your end-users are getting what they desire from your business. This also leads to more engagement and better sales. When we were founded, we had just one goal, and that was to revolutionize the designing sphere around the globe. And with that approach in mind, we have created some of the most impactful results in the digital experience sphere.

Our developers and designers are experienced individuals who have decades of experience with proper training backing their roles. All our employees are Grade A individuals having first-hand experience of the industry. These individuals have worked on simple and complicated projects alike, delivering results each time. Moreover, we also use the latest technology for each of our projects. This ensures that your project gets the best results in the end. Our designers do not shy away from showing their creativity at every level. This ensures that your project is unique in every way and gets the most head-turns.

But, the best part about us is that we work as a consultancy firm for your design problems. Many businesses like to choose their way of designing and move forward with the approach while solving the challenges. But we do not want you to go in the wrong direction. Therefore, we step in and help you manage those challenges and give you the best way to solve those problems, giving an efficient and smooth approach.

How We Can Assist You

As one of the top design and innovation consulting firms, we not only advise you on designing your products and services but also lead from the front when it comes to introducing the product to the users. We can lead workshops to ensure that your customers are getting the best experience and user engagement. Other than that, we also ensure that your employees are getting the best training for the product and get acquainted with the best UX practices to ensure that they work efficiently without any problem.

We help startups and big firms alike. We ensure that these startups optimize their resources according to their requirements. This means that they will get the best results even with limited resources. This also means that the businesses are tapping some of the most hidden opportunities which might have been oblivious to them.

Moreover, we have also worked with many other firms, which helped us expand our experience and provided us with the approach to tackle every complication and problem. Some of the firms with which we have worked include Freshminds, Belvedere, Black, Rentorr, and many more.

Hire Us

If you are looking to hire a consultancy firm for your business, then we can be a great addition to your endeavor. Get in touch with us with one of the best UX design consulting firms today, and help us uncover some of the best business opportunities for you. We will discuss business opportunities, challenges and draw out a great business idea for your organization that will help you grow and achieve newer heights.


Global design and innovation consultancy agency

If you are based in Los Angeles and looking to work with a local firm, then Whoa is just the right fit for you. The company is relatively young as compared to others mentioned in the list. However, their work is nothing like that of amateurs. They have been working with various firms to expand their customer reach and gain experience. They have worked with many companies from over 17 countries, solving their innovation and design-related problems. Moreover, they have experienced developers in their team who know their way out. The developers have worked to help various firms provide creative and unique solutions.

Some notable services of the firm include design researching, market researching, business and design strategy development, ethnographic researching, user experience design development, and industrial designing. All of these services have gained a lot of popularity in the industry.

Despite being founded in 2018, the firm has worked with industry juggernauts. Some of these companies include Google, Samsung, SanDisk, appliedVR to name some. The company is not only suitable for remote working, but also great for people looking for local hiring. If your requirement is based in Los Angeles, then we recommend you to contact Whoa, you will not be disappointed.


A human-centered product design and innovation company

Another veteran on the list, Fantasy is one of the most creative and unique design consulting firms in the world. The company was founded in the year 1999 by its founder David Hugh Martin. David had a goal to deliver creative designs through his bold design and unique solutions and he was successful in delivering them.

The team of Fantasy has people from different backgrounds who have experience from different domains who will diversify your project with their expertise. These 70 individuals work in 3 different offices around the globe, delivering the best services.

Fantasy has experience from various domains which include the hospitality industry, entertainment industry, technical domain, and finance domain. The portfolio of Fantasy as a firm is pretty diversified with an impressive track record. They have also worked with technical giants such as Dolby, Google, Netflix, Marriott, and Balenciaga.

As a top design consulting firm, Fantasy delivers many great services which include, reimagining digital products, creating excellent user experiences, developing complicated B2B platforms, and other innovative products.


Global design and innovation consulting firm

If you are looking to work with a firm that has a long history of the industry, then IDEO is the best company you can work with. As stated, the company has been a part of the design consultancy domain for quite some time and they have stoned their position here as one of the most reputable firms. The company was established in 1978. However, then it was known as DKD or David Kelly Design, named after the founder David Kelly. David founded the firm with his two partners, Mike Nuttal and Bill Moggridge. With the merging of the firms by these partners, IDEO came into existence, and it was for the better.

From the start, IDEO has been creating products with extensive creativity and design. These products have been rampaging around the world. They have been employing in design thinking consulting firms which has been a great asset to many companies. They have created physically as well as digital products which have left a positive impact on the world. Moreover, they are practicing creating user-centric designs which have gained massive popularity due to their creativity and personalization. Apple’s first mouse is a result of IDEO’s creativity.

IDEO as expected is not a small firm. They have offices all around the globe with five of them alone in the US. They have over 700 employees who have worked to make the firm what it is now. IDEO has a deep impact on all of the designing community. This means that what IDEO delivers, will be followed by other firms. IDEO is using this to help the world. They are also doing some of the most humanitarian activities. They have recently collaborated with the Rockefeller Foundation to reduce food wastage around the world. With these positive impacts, IDEO becomes one of the best design consulting firms you can work with.


International Design Thinking consulting firms Headquartered In New York

R/GA is an international company with extensive experience in the design and innovation sphere. The company has its headquarters situated in New York. As stated above, the company is one of the oldest on the list, dating as far back as 1977. The company was originally a computer-assisted filmmaking firm, however, it soon developed into a global innovation company having its offices spread across the globe. The company has around 17 branches around the world, delivering its services to many.

R/GA does not simply deliver design and consultancy services but integrates the expertise of design consultants, design creatives, or thinkers with data scientists to deliver a world-class digital design experience. According to them, they have helped various companies achieve the required results while creating innovative products, establishing brands in the process.

Some services for which R/GA is known across the industry include growth strategy development, brand strategy development. They have delivered their services to many famous firms such as PepsiCo, Nike, Walmart, and many others



If you are looking for the best UX design consulting firms to help you design some of the most unique and creative digital products and also help you across the whole development process, then UIUX Studio is the firm for you. We have been helping various businesses across the globe. We have served firms with our remote as well as on-site services.