Top 10 Awesome corporate Logo Design Trends For 2024

The best thing about the year-end is looking for what’s next on the list ahead. And the best one of those is analyzing and studying the changing best logo design trends that will dominate the designs market in the year ahead. And UX design agencies will help you build the best logo design for your brand.

To make this study authentic and relevant we collected the changing logo designs trends data. With the help of the community of designers and agencies, these are distributed throughout the world. To help us know which design trends will leave a big mark in the year 2024. For the year 2023, multiple logos were playing around with innovative ideas within constraints. For 2024, it is going to be a bolder step, with lesser constrained modern logo design trends i.e. logos adapted to sustain life in the pandemic. UI/UX Studio, one of the top web design companies, makes the best design agency for logo designs.

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10 Top logo designs trends for the year 2024 are as follows:

  • Retro rubber hose logos
  • Stretched and continuous lettering
  • Blurred logos
  • McBling
  • Experimentation with the line thickness
  • Scribbles and sketches
  • White space finds imagery
  • Layered elements
  • Grunge gets a revamp
  • Typography takes shape

Retro Rubber Hose Logos
In the early times, while playing Cuphead or Bendy or any cartoons, you already know what rubber hose imagery is. These cartoons were based on rubber hose animation. It is going to make an entry again in design trends 2022, but with a twist in logos.

This rubber hose design pattern is now a century-old thing at this point. Maybe this is a valid reason for it to make an entry back into the market! Also, this style is lent to the characters, and today humans are looking for personalization in everything. So this makes a great choice for brands, as it attracts more customers to the brands. Rubber hose designs are more colors that are contrasting to their origin from the black and white world of cartoons of the early 90s.

By introducing colors to the characters of brand palettes fresh corporate logo design trends can enter the modern diaspora. It is a fun and new concept. It is an assumption that this logo trend will stick for years to come. As every brand needs some fresh concepts that are far away from being boring. Eye-catching and exciting designs leave a mark on the audience.

White Space Finds Imagery
White spaces or blanks can change the logo design of your brand upside down. It can serve as the focal point of your modern logo design trends or balance the composition of the logo and prevent it from looking cluttered. Communicating a direct and open brand value.

In 2022, designers will be working more with the blank spaces that are new from the existing ones. Maybe designers will see it as a blank canvas and fill different styles into it.

This logo design trend is supremely versatile and appealing to brands. When you need to customize the brand design two times a year this blank space in the logo comes very handy.

Experimentation With The Line Thickness
2022 is going to be the year where brand logos will be playing a lot with the line thickness. This way designers will balance the complexity of the logo. The dynamism these line thicknesses provide to the brand logo is a representation of the forward vision of the brand for the years to come.

The different thickness used is setting a new trend in the brand design. These variations are helping projects from different industrial sectors work well.

Traditionally brand fonts are either thick or thin. But now designers are playing with the lines, shapes, and strokes to prevent a constrained look of the logo design. Designers will play along with the fonts for design trends for 2022. Innovate top new designs that are far better exciting than the existing ones.

Stretched And Continuous Lettering
Not just rubber hose logos, there will be a lot of stretched and continuous lettering logos in the year 2022. For a boundaryless and infinite look of the logo, designers are playing a lot with the lettering.

By extending the letters from one or the other end than the normal format of lettering viewers gain attention to the extended format of the design. This makes brand logos look expressive. Blending this typography with the vision behind the brand logos is going to make the corporate logo design trends interesting and visually diverse from the others.

While stretching or distortion of an alphabet of the brand name is that the pronunciation too changes for the brand name. Customers pay a lot more attention to the sound of the logo. These are small things but play a major role in the marketing of products by the brand.

Blurred Logos
Blurring the few letters of the brand name is going to be something new as per the corporate logo design trends of the brand. Gone is the era when clarity leads the digital market. Now people want to play with the graphics to grab the necessary attention. Design trends 2022 are focusing on the fluidity of the brand logo than the readability.

You can play with the blurred effect in some letters of the logo. Or maybe blur the whole and accompany the clear printed version so that brand identity remains clear to the reader.

Blurring the logo may seem something very out of the book concept but it makes your brand logo captivating. Common logos are not very engaging. But slight changes here and there makes the brand logo memorable. Also, it opens the door for adding animation to the logo.

Creating a captivating blur effect is synonymous with crafting your brand logo to fit in the 2D format.

Typography Takes Shape
The lettering of the top logo design trends will be communicating their brand value. This logo design is of two different types. One with the emblem feels where the typography reigns the imagery and the other with typography nestled in the imagery. Both types give the shape and structure to the logo design.

Harmony in the logo design is there with synchronization between the text and the graphics. Here both complement each other. And both a vital role in understanding the concept of the other one.

McBling is a style that is an exaggeration of the crazy stylistic features of the years 2003 to 2008. It is a good blend of the lows and highs of these years. Including all the highlights of these years. From the devotion towards worshiping celebs to the dawn of Twitter and obsession of the diaspora with the pink color and the gothic fonts.

Stepping into the 21st century’s third-decade designers felt necessary to revisit the design era of the 2000s.

Design is following the footsteps of innovation and paying its homage to the rich aesthetics with bling.

The 2020s initially were the years dedicated to design and technology upgrading. But now designers are dwelling top logo design trends over the past minimalism for inspiration.

Scribbles and sketches
On the one hand, some designers are dwelling over the past minimalism to incorporate in their logo designs. Others are nostalgic, shaky, and scribbly child-like arts.

In 2024, scribbles will leave a mark in the design market. Rough and unfinished logos will be there than the polished ones. This look will be a mix of sophistication and simplicity.

Layered elements
Layered elements are another prominent logo design that will be there in the year 2024. Designers will be experimenting a lot with geometric fonts, forms, and a blend of colors for classic logos creation.

Layered logos will play a lot with the patterns and color themes of logos. This way we will see separate elements of color and pattern within a logo design. The layered elements will also be incorporating other top logo design trends in it. Like the line thickness variations and pop of colors here and there.

Grunge gets a revamp
We saw that designers are dwelling over the past for logo designs. Paying their homage to the 30s animations, 70s optimism, and 00s maximalism. So the logo trends for 2024 will be a mix of all three. Also, designers are stepping back to the 90s for design inspiration.

The introduction of the primitive versions for modern technology. The wordmark logos with font defining characteristics. Typefaces with rough textures.


This was all about the crazy and best ecommerce logo design trends for the year 2024. The design trends in 2024 will be a mix of ideas from different decades. And will take inspiration from highlights and art styles of the past. You too can dwell over the past for logo design inspirations with UIUX Studio. Evaluate the past ideas with innovation by blurring, stretching, animating, or maybe just highlighting with a pop of colors.