How To Create a Design Proposal – Step by Step Guide

Starting in the industry as a designer, you might think that designing good designs is everything that you need to get more clients. However, when a potential customer asks you for a design proposal, there are two possibilities, either you know what role it plays in client conversion, or you don’t know anything about it.

A design proposal can be a great opportunity to impress your potential clients. It gives the client an idea of how good your designs can be. Design proposals give your client a real-time experience of the proper framework that you can design, and their project stands out from their competition.

Let us explore some of the niches of the proposal of design, understand how to create it step by step, and get an edge over your competition. But before that, let’s first understand what it is?

What Is Design Proposal?

Technically, a design proposal is a document or a roadmap of designed slides that showcase your entire plan for the design project. Though it is normally requested by the clients, few designers provide it beforehand. Normally, a proposal is a gateway to everything a designer has to offer.

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Why Use Design Proposals?

Today, design proposal examples are used by clients to compare and choose the ideal designer for them. There is a difference between what your design proposal’s value is and what you are pricing it at.

Provides Options To The Clientele
Clients are choosy, and they do not always choose the costliest option for assessment or even the least expensive option for designing. However, the best option the client chooses is the one that works best for them. The meaning behind every design is that there is an intention, and only if the client sees you fit for it are they going to hire.

Shows Your Creativity
Some of the designers might argue strongly that a proposal of design is not the ideal way to showcase a designer’s creativity or even set a standard to assess your skills. On the other hand, it is the proposal template that the client sees first. Based on the problem-solving ability of that proposal of design, the client offers to buy your services.

A Step-by-step Guide To Create Your Design Proposal

Now that you know in detail the purpose of a design research proposal and what it is. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to create a design proposal.

Here are a few things that you must add to your design proposal. Understand that these elements are the steps that you need to include in your proposal.

Cover Page
Design the cover page like you are designing a cover page of a big magazine like Forbes. The cover page is the first thing that the client interacts with. So, keep it elegantly simple and professional.

Depending on what you call it, the name of this can change. But in this section, you provide the client with a breakdown of the proposal section. Let this be the guide to the client to easily navigate through your proposal. Every good design proposal example includes an index.

Project Overview
You need to provide your client with what the whole proposal is all about. Do not confuse the client and twist what he was trying to explain to you. Make sure that the project is having a one-on-one conversation with the customer effectively.

Oftentimes a project has more than one object. Make it clear, show which objective you want to prioritize, and work best in the background. This offers the client an idea about your understanding of the project. Such little things make the difference because it opens doors to creativity for the client and you as a designer as well.

Why Choose Me
This section is often seen on a website. Though most designers think that designs are enough to get a client, it is not the case everywhere. In a design proposal, even though you design really well and to the point if you are not able to convince them to sell your service. However, when it comes to the proposal, attach the why to choose me section focusing on the objective. The emphasis, identifying the problem before providing a solution.

Give your best design to every client. However, when the resources are limited to project and budget, then add a little scope to your design proposal example. This section helps you assess the work you are doing and make the best out of it.

Prepare a realistic timeline and present it to a client. This sets the level of expectation for the client and how to make the best out of every situation. Often a designer knows how to draw a timeline but adds a little more time than expected because it gives you additional time to touch and revise the design proposal example.

Make a list of what is delivered to the client at the end of the project. This will help you assess what you require. This list also helps you strike out some items depending on the scope and budget.

Terms and Conditions
Now that almost everything is done, just add the finishing touch to your design with terms and conditions.

Why Do Clients and Designers Need Design Proposals?

Before buying ice cream, you check the price considering it is worth your money. Similarly, one company considering you for your design services checks by your price but also the worth. Clients ask for a design research proposal because they want to compare your and your competitors’ design that fits the project.

Removes Unnecessary Doubts
A well-written design proposal dusts off any unnecessary doubts and provides a solution that addresses the client’s need. It presents an opportunity to the designers that allows them to show their value and present direct communication with the person in charge at the right time.

A Bridge Between Clients and Designer
A design proposal becomes a bridge between the clients and designers. It is like a statement that answers the basic 5W1H questions. Along with that, it will also tell you the cost of the project.

How To Create an Awesome Design Proposal?

With the steps mentioned above, you have understood how to create a design proposal. However, you need to know what a “good” proposal is and what makes it good. Below are some aspects which make a good proposal for your designs.

Research Is The Key
Research is the most notable part of the whole process of selling services. It is vital because it gives you the key insights of the user that makes it popular. Entering the online world, selling something online—though it has become the norm—there is a sense of uncertainty in the transaction.

As a designer, you are giving them a structure to sell, and it requires research. It’s the design that makes the masses buy or even stay on your virtual assets. User research not only helps the designer to set a budget and secure time for its optimum utilization. As clients, they will demand quick results, though designs often take time to hit. So, to add that convincing factor to your design, you need a user design research proposal, sometimes even for survival.

Do Not Be Monotonous
A popular designer Ren Segall says, “Your design proposal should never surprise a client.” Though this statement sounds underrated and unconvincing at first, it is what one should do because the focus here is not to impress the client but to understand his problem and address it through the design.

Assume that the designer does not know design as well as you do, so make sure your design proposal example is perfect and does not have any loopholes in it. This makes it crucial for you to design a proposal of design at your best level because the best option in business always stays afloat.

Details Matter
A design is like a movie set where little details matter. Apart from that, user testing also plays an equal importance in the process. It helps to learn about clearing the dust from the potential customers. If your design has proper details then it is a good one.


Now you have understood what the design proposal is. Proposal designs are a great way to present yourself to your customers. Especially when you are starting or still learning the process of designing to greater depths, it helps you to present yourself and set the bar of expectations that runs in the market. Along with that, it also states what you do and what it requires. And if you are new, then let this guide be your go-to website. We at UIUX Studio have your next design research proposal ready that will help you enhance your virtual designers a little more. Get in touch with us at UIUX Studio to get services related to IT & Tech and mobile & telecom.