SaaS Funnel: How To Convert Leads Into Customers?

The market that we compete in today’s rapidly changing. Just a decade ago, we had nowhere the number of companies that we do today. This sharp increase in the number of I.T. companies have made it impossible to survive in the market without giving your business some extra edge. Today we are going to talk about the sales funnel that you can use to propel your growth.

What is SaaS Funnel?

A SaaS Funnel will help you gain more customers for your software services. It is a system of attracting and retaining new clients so that your business keeps on growing. It makes use of sales pitches and tricks to achieve this. In the following lines, we are going to discuss in detail exactly how it works and what its benefits are.

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The different stages of the funnel:

Developed with the help of the tools from the marketing world, a SaaS Funnel works similarly. It attracts the customers to your service and then gives you the tools to retain them for the long run. Following are the steps of the funnel that every client must pass through for effective results to appear.

  • Raising interest and building trust

The first step is to capture the interest of the client and then engage in the trust-building process. If you are not able to do this then the client would not be interested in what you have to show them. To get them interested in your product, you have to first capture their attention and build trust. Then they will be willing to give you a chance.

  • Establishing credibility

Sales Funnel for SaaS works best when the customer has credibility in the products’ capability. This might be the longest, most time-consuming step in the entire process but this is by far the most important one. Once the clients start to go through your products, that is when you know that you have a solid chance of converting them.

  • Showcasing product values

As part of the SaaS Funnel, you have to give trials of your products to your customers. This shows them what your caliber is and just how well-equipped your products are for the customer’s needs. This step can be considered the baiting process of the cycle. Once they recognize its value, the deal is almost done.

  • Converting customers

At UIUX Studios, our SaaS Funnel has been extremely rewarding. When our prospective clients realize the immense value that we would be adding to their business, they are more than happy to work with us. All our customers have access to our surveys, demos, and past performances to remove any doubt about our services from their minds.

Customer advocacy and its benefits

This strategy with Saas Funnel has helped us at UIUX Studio to build a list of loyal customers who not only keep coming back to us but also advocate our services to new clients. That is the magic of an effective sales funnel. We have spent much time perfecting this mechanism and have provided a series of solid results to back it up.

What is SaaS funnel?

A SaaS Funnel aimed toward increasing the sales of a company is what you call a sales funnel. It helps you gain more clients and convert any existing leads that you might have. It is the extra edge that you need to make your business work. We spoke about the rising competition in today’s markets, this is how you overcome that challenge.

How to build your SaaS funnel?

You can build an effective Saas Funnel for your SAAS services in the following manner. Below, we have shared our secret to building a sales funnel that works for your brand. They are simple and easy to follow. And as we have discussed before, they have been borrowed from the world of marketing.

  • Know your audience

Despite being one of the most important steps in the Saas Funnel, this step is ignored by so many people. They are only focused on the product they build and the service that they provide. But that product is not going to sell itself. You need to work with many people to ensure that your reach is amplified. You need to get to know your customer.

  • Grab their attention

Whatever fails to capture the attention of the public, fails to get sold. A good marketing funnel saas service will help the business capture the interest of the prospective client. You need to be able to hold the shifting focus of the client to pitch them a product and showcase your values to them. There are many ways to do this, we are about to discuss one of the most effective in the lines below.

  • Create an engaging website

Sales Funnel for SaaS works best when you have an attractive website to showcase your product on. With the help of an engaging website, you will be able to hold on to the attention of the client.

  • Send emails

Sending emails as a part of the saas funnels remains underutilized. People fail to realize the importance of appealing to new clients. An email campaign can help you deliver your marketing ideas to new clients in a much more personalized format. When they see the individual benefit that your service holds, they will reach out to you.

  • Work on customer retention

Having a marketing funnel saas based service does not mean that you will have an endless supply of customers. It means that you will have the opportunity to build your business with the help of the customers that you retain. Do not forget about your clients just as soon as you acquire them. Work on building customer relations that last for long.

Measuring its effectiveness

Sales Funnel for SaaS, just like any other tool needs to be measured for its effectiveness. This enables you to study the efficiency of the program and plug any leaks in the system through which you are losing clients. You can track the effectiveness of the service funnel by using the following metrics. Each one of them shows a particular brand of response.

  • Revenue

One of the most effective measures for saas funnels and their returns is the revenue that they have managed to generate. If your business has started to generate more revenue in comparison to what it used to do before, then your sales funnel is working effectively. It is one of the best measures for the efficiency of any marketing strategy. You can apply it to cases even outside the sales funnel.

  • Customer retention

Another indicator that measures the efficiency of the saas funnels is the customer retention rate that sustains after engaging the services of the SAAS funnel. If your customer retention rate has gone up since the time you engaged in the use of these services then your model is working wonders for you. if your customer retention rate has fallen then you need to adopt remedial measures.

  • Revenue per customer

Another indicator of a marketing funnel saas based approach is the revenue that you are earning per customer. As a business, you aim to get the client to spend more on your services and your products. If this holds then you will have an increased return from every customer. If the converse of the above-mentioned statement is true, then your revenue per customer will not increase.

  • Customer acquisition cost

Sales Funnel for SaaS is deemed to be working best when you have a low customer acquisition cost. The term means the amount of money that you have to spend per customer whenever you acquire a new customer. It is easy to acquire a new customer when you are spending huge amounts of money on getting a new client.
But if you manage to do the same with the help of a low number of investments then the SAAS sales funnel you have employed is working wonders for your business.

Optimize your sales funnel

The well-being of a marketing funnel saas based approach is ensured when you keep revising it. Every once in a while, you need to go over your strategy and plug in the leaks that are taking place. You also have to ensure that the quality of data that you are feeding to the funnel is genuine. You cannot expect to get good results if the leads that you are acquiring are not genuine or are stale.

You need to create good leads, communicate your advantages to the client, capture the attention of the client, improve your quality, and rank up your user interface.

In today’s world, saas funnels are as much a technical tool as the services that they help promote. The stages that we have been through in this article should be diligently followed. You also should work on rooting out the points of leakage in the funnel. Once the client manages to reach the bottom of the funnel that is when you can convert them into a successful catch.