Most Designers Don’t Know What Is Graphic Design Exactly

Let us begin with what is graphic design? What comes to your mind when you think of graphic design? Is it the beautifully designed graphics on different websites or creative advertisements? Is it the magazine spreads that are too stunning to go unnoticed? You may be right, but graphic designing is a way broader concept than this. Graphic designing is a line of work where experts make beautiful visual content to convey messages to their audience.

What Is Graphic Designing All About?

Graphic design is a form of work in which messages are conveyed by visuals and graphics. Colours images and typography are used to attract viewers. Graphics design is an art form that deals with the marketing and aesthetic appeal of a message that is conveyed in the project. It is a very old profession.

When thinking of what is graphic design, we can say that it’s way too broad to be coined in a definition. The key point in graphic designing was and always will be communication. It does not matter what form it takes. As long as it involves visual graphics, it will fall under the term graphic designing.

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A brief history of graphic designing

It is a very old profession that dates all the way back to at least 17,000 years old paintings in the caves to famous Egyptian hieroglyphs. The term graphic designing was created by the Print industry in the 1920s. It included a wide range of things like logo designing.

Language is itself an evolutionary form of graphic design. It is believed that the Sumerians created writing which was basically symbols and pictographs that were represented by certain objects and symbolic figures. The process of printing graphics with stamp designs on clothes and paper was invented in China in the early 6th century.

What does graphic designing include?

The term graphic designing is a big concept. It includes various things like infographics, product labels, designing Business cards, designing website layouts, mobile applications, book covers, poster designing, designing various software interfaces, logos, etc. It has a lot more other things. To Know what is graphic design, we need to dive deeper into it.

All these things required specializing in an approach to a certain aspect of graphic designing. For example, a person who specializes in environmental graphic designing cannot due to that web designing or any other form of graphic designing. One should choose a niche among various graphic design subcategories to pursue a career in graphic design.

The basic tools of graphic designing

To understand what is graphic design. It is essential to understand the basic elements of graphic design. Knowledge of these tools is essential to learning graphic designing. These basic elements are essential if they are used simultaneously in opposition to the other to make up visually stunning graphical designs.

There are many graphic design elements. Some of them are colours of different things, texture adjustment tools, space adjustment, size tools, lines, shapes tools, and form. These tools are used to create beautiful and very impactful designs while designing various graphics. These tools must be used in a coordinated fashion to expect good results.

The basic principles of graphic designing

These basic principles of graphic designing are very important when concerning the visuals of a certain project. These principles are basically a set of rules or guidelines that, when fulfilled, can help us get beautiful and effective results, stability for the design, and create overall balance in a piece of work.

To get a better idea of what is graphic design, we need to know the basic principles of graphic design. It includes things like Proportion, contrast controls, movement, emphasis, rhythm control, balance, etc. In graphic design, rules are very certainly meant to be broken, but first, they must be thoroughly understood by the designer.

Various types of graphic design

As mentioned earlier what is graphic design cannot be coined in a simple definition. It is composed of different specialized fields that range from web design to motion graphics. There are various types of graphic design that need some explanation to get a better understanding of them.

Motion graphics design is also known as animation, which focuses on invisible life to special effects. Another is UX design which ensures an application or website is usable, adaptable, desirable and satisfying to the audience. Website design engages in the creation of highly interactive and beautiful web pages that include navigation, color scheme, and layout for its users.

Graphic design helps people express their emotions

Graphic designing is still based on old principles, which makes it important for you to hit the right notes with your clients from their very first impression of you. We at UIUX STUDIO help you understand the clients’ needs and give them the best solution from the very start.

Being a graphic designer, one should have good knowledge of colour theory and understand the importance of the right colour scheme. Paying attention to how the elements keep up with the tone of your colours can help you boost the overall effect of your design.

Various aspects of graphic designing

While thinking, what is graphic design? The first few things that pop up in mind are pattern, colours, symmetry, typography etc. they are the key factors in creating a good design. Having a good choice of colours, patterns etc. can impact your overall feel of the design.

Good graphic designers emphasize the overall symmetry and balance of the design while maintaining the flow. Repetition must also be kept in check as it plays an important factor in design. When using colours, audience culture plays an important role like the symbol of danger, whereas in some cultures, it symbolizes good fortune.

Typography in graphic designing

Typography is literally everywhere around us. Now the question arises what is typography in design? Typography ages the design style of text that is used in designing. It can also be called the art of text. Now we know what typography is in design, we can easily move further for the details.

There are many fonts that may be favourable to you, like serif fonts, sans serif fonts etc., whereas some fonts that you should avoid like papyrus and curls. When you need to decide which fonts to use, always remember that less is more. Now you may have a clear idea of what is typography in design.

A vector in graphic design

When we think about what is a vector in graphic design, we mean computer images that are created by using a certain series of computer commands or statements that create three dimensional or two-dimensional shapes. The files or artist’s work is often saved as a copy series of vector statements.

Now comes what a vector is in graphic design used for? It is used for scalability because vectors in graphic design work very well with graphics that include text and type. It is also used in the creation of animation, web development (CAD), and app development. Now you have an idea of what is a vector in graphic design.

Different types of files in vector

There are several types of files in a vector that are used in graphic design. The most commonly used electro files are. dfx is also known as drawing exchange format file, .wmf which is windows metafile, and .eps is encapsulated postscript file, .ai is also known as adobe illustrator file and many others.

All these different types of cultures are used for handling different tasks. For instance, the most commonly used files are AI files used to print digital graphics and print media. Both vector files and raster files use EPS files. It has the capability to be embedded in a larger design. It will contain smaller design elements.

Pros of vector graphic

  • Vector graphics are small in size and take up less space on any file.
  • They are based on mathematical relations, which makes them precise and clean.
  • They don’t take up much loading time because of their small size
  • They can be edited easily in comparison with graphic design, which takes much time to edit colors or shapes.

Cons of vector graphic

  • They cannot be used for complex designs.
  • They behave differently on different platforms.
  • It requires more time and skills to create a vector.
  • Browser doesn’t fully support vector designs.

Now you know what is a vector in graphic design and its pros and cons. We at UIUX STUDIO provide you with assistance in what works best for you.

So, now that you have learned what is graphic design, what is typography in graphic design, and what is a vector in graphic design, you must look for ways to incorporate these into your business. There are numerous ways in which effective graphic design can boost your business. If you are looking for graphic designers who can solve problems and provide out of the box creative solutions to them, worry no more. We at UIUX STUDIO have a well-trained and dedicated team who bring creative ideas to the table. There is proper communication at all steps, and the latest technologies and methods are used to provide the best solutions.