Top 7 Product Design Companies In The World

Product designs and the user interface is an integral part of any business as it sets the course of your business and plays an important role in the success of your business. It is pertinent that your business should have a good product interface to attract an audience. UIUX Studio is one such leading product design company. We have over 10 years of experience at our arsenal. Based on our experience we have managed to make a good market value for ourselves.

Based on the knowledge and data that we have gathered over the years we bring you a compiled list of 7 top product design companies of the world for the upcoming year of 2022. Our list is thorough research on the companies and it comprises everything that you should know and evaluate before choosing a design company for your business.

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In this article, we will not only analyze the best design agencies for products but also help you understand concepts such as how product design differs from web design and what is the role of product design agencies, and how we work with our clients and businesses.

In this blog, we aim to answer some of your questions such as –

  • What is the cost of hiring a product design agency company?
  • How can you form a judgment and critically analyze the firm’s past works?
  • How the process of a full design product agency works and what is the use for it?
  • What are the steps that you can do to improve the design of your product?

If you are also looking for a product design agency to help you in your business you are at the right place. We aim to work for the betterment of the businesses of our clients and for any queries you can contact or call us. We bring out the best in the businesses of our partners and are always ready to help you with any kind of product design and research that you wish to have.

To make your work easier we bring you our list of top 7 product design companies that are best in their field and with them, you can easily work with them. For the year 2022, they are our top picks.

7 Best Product Design Companies

In the market of product designs, many companies have made their mark and created a brand name for themselves. every sector, there are different kinds of corporations that work to achieve their goals and objectives, and depending upon the businesses requirement people choose their respective partners. In certain cases, it is the small companies that provide better flexibility, expertise, and attention to their partners.

Our list comprises the best product design companies that our team of experts has selected in keeping in mind certain parameters. Our top 7 picks are as follows:-

  • UIUX Studio
  • Wandr studio
  • Echo & Co
  • Design First
  • Aplana
  • Fuzzy Math
  • Grio

UIUX Studio

Award-Winning Product Design Company

UIUX Studio is one of the best product design companies in the market. We have a good year of experience and have multiple awards in our arsenal. Moreover, We are an award-winning Indian company that has worked with multiple companies and has won several awards in our field of interest and work. We are also one of the fastest-growing companies. Apart from this, we are also the top business providers as per the list of Clutch Global Awards of 2021.

We provide services in the field of strategic thinking, product management, and above all we strive to become more than a design agency. Our partners and clients are both several start-ups and established companies alike. Such as FreshMinds, Belvedere, Black, Rentorr, and many more.

Our services also include personal UIUX training for teams. Under this training program, we teach the basics of the UIUX process and explain the value of UIUX designs. Many students of ours have later joined our teams as professionals and experts of UIUX designs.

We work to provide good services to our customers and please them with our best results for any query and problems regarding your product you can contact us and we will be available to help you out. You can also Book a FREE Consultation with our team and will set up a meeting and discuss your problem and guide you through it with our step-to-step guide.

Wandr Studio

A Young Product Strategy & Design Company

Wandr Studio is a new product strategy and design firm. It has a headquarter in Los Angeles USA. Jinny Oh is the founder of wandr studios and is an Expert in SAAS UX. He has ten years of business and marketing Experience. Wandr Studios was incorporated in the year 201 and it is a new company when compared with its counterparts. They comprise only 23 members from all over the world. The team comprises hardworking professionals that work to achieve a particular goal of building digital products. The employee of Wandr Studio speaks 20 different languages. It is one of our top picks to work with as they bring diversity to their work.

Despite being relatively new in the market they have managed to create a brand name for themselves and have worked with notable companies and corporations such as Samsung, World Wide Fund for Nature, and Adobe.

As per Clutch 60% of their clients are from big sectors such as transportation, Fintech, IT, etc. they have a wide service portfolio and they mainly focus on design, research, and brand development.

Echo & Co.

A Product Design & Development Company

The company specializes in product design and its development. The main objective of Echo and Co. is the promotion of environmental wellbeing across the world. The company has a wider social presence and it works in creating and supporting equal opportunities for people of color and members of different communities such as LGBT and individuals that are disabled in some way or another. They work together and create products that will help people succeed and inspire society to do well.

The first branch of Echo and Co. was established in Washington D.C by three enthusiasts. As of now, the company has three branches, one in Washington, D.C, the second in Boston, and the third is in New Orleans.

The Company offers a wide array of services some of its services include content writing, storytelling, research, product design, development, and branding. Their clients are Free Press, World Food Program USA, eco America, and Greenpeace. As per the portfolio of the company, 80% of their clients are big organizations and corporations. The firm works in diverse industries like education, healthcare, social, media, environmental, etc.

Design First

One Of The Pioneers In The Product Design Industry

Design first is one of the experienced product design companies in the industry. They are in the market for about 26 years and have closed over 750 projects. They are in the market for quite some time but their team comprises 31 professionals only. The company was founded in 1996 by a product designer. Ever since the company has grown as one of the best product design companies in Canada.

The company has its headquarters in Ottawa and works with various companies such as start-ups and established companies. The services that they offer comprise industrial designs of products, branding, web design, marketing, etc. their most important clients are We-Vibe, Lenovo, Stanley, Tablo TV, etc.


A Privately-held Software Development Company

Alpana has been in the market for the past 20 years and is a private software development company. Alpana is one of the best product design companies. It is one of the first companies in the market that has transferred the business to the cloud thus, making it available for multiple end-users. They have a wide array of networks and they have offices in countries like the US, Germany, and the UK for sales, and for skill and engineers, they have offices in Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine.

The company has expertise in mobile and software development, quality assurance, testing, and blockchains solutions. In their full-service portfolio, 5% constitute Design and consulting. Apart from their service portfolio Alpana has a diverse client portfolio as well. It is one of the best companies to do business with. Some of their top projects are the OTP bank mobile testing application, creation of mobile application for Starbucks Russia, and development of SharePoint benchmarking tool for Microsoft. These 3 projects are their highlights.

Fuzzy Math

A Product Design, Strategy, and Innovations Company Based In Chicago

Fuzzy Math is a product design, innovations, and Strategy Company that has its headquarters in Chicago. It was incorporated in the year 2009 and it works to unite individuals that help in creating an impactful user experience. The company also works on pro bono projects of businesses that combat multiple environmental and social issues globally.

They work on the objective of educating and empowering younger generations by organizing several tech camps along with a student design apprenticeship program. They have a team of 15 hardworking individuals that work with multiple start-ups and well-established businesses. Their top clients are Microsoft, Hyatt, GE Healthcare, and Allstate. The company also works in the sector of healthcare, traveling, media, telecommunication, education, and fintech.


A Product Design Company In California

Grio is a company that specializes in product design and has its headquarters in California. They mainly focus on mobile and web application development. It is one of the top product design companies in California. They work to create the best software for their clients. The company came into existence in the year 2008 and since then they have had three offices, one in San Francisco, the second in Mexico City, and the third one is in Salt Lake City.

They have a team of 50 developers, project managers, and designers that work in different countries. Their team has in-depth technical knowledge and experience in React, JavaScript, Angular, etc. since 2008 the company has been working on custom mobile and web applications for start-ups and big corporations alike.

Why Do Companies Design New Products?

The foremost and the most important reason for any new development in the market and designing a new product is to give new value to the customer. When a company manufactures a new product and designs a new product it can meet the seasonal demand of the customers. In layman’s language firms design new products to meet the demands of the customer and to increase their revenue. This also gives them the opportunity to create and innovate efficiently and the firm will attain a fair amount of market share.

What Would Keep Companies From Trying To Design The Best Product To Compete With Other Companies?

If you want to become successful in your business you have to find multiple ways to step ahead of the business of others and know what your competitors are doing. Competition exists in every market and with the help of these 5 methods you can easily beat your competitors.

  1. Research your target audience’s pain points and try to solve their crucial problems. Any customer will only buy your product if the product that you sell will help them in one way or another.
  2. Try to find the niche market with the help of specialization and storytelling
  3. Set the price by keeping in mind the competition. The price should not skyrocket as then no one will buy your product as your customers will buy the product of your competitor. It is advisable to always set the price by keeping in the price of similar products in the market.
  4. Change business or try to incorporate new things so that you stay ahead of your competitors
  5. Lastly, provide your customers with great customer care services


With the above list, you can easily find the best company for your business. If you still face any problems, contact us and our experts will assist you in finding the solution for your problem as we have a team of experts that specializes in product design, UX Strategy, user research, testing, and training of the younger generation. We have successfully worked with over 200 clients and are happy to serve our clients to the best of our abilities and help them get the desired result.