Only 6 Tips To Create a Best Tech Startup Logos

Did you know, three to four startups are launched every day. The world is so full of competition that everyone is in the race of being successful and proving themselves. India saw a rapid growth of tech startups from 753 in 2016-2017 to approximately 16,000 recognized in the year 2021!

While everyone is in the rat race, they also desire to stand out. But how do they do that?

The answer is simple LOGOS!

Tech company put in days of brainstorming on the tech startup logos design and wants to be unique and distinguishable! The tech startup logos aim to not only be distinguished but also point of key factors like:

  1. Stand out and appeal to the crowd!
  2. Let the customers know about the efficiency of the company!
  3. Give the brand’s message out in the open!

Companies like Paytm and Byju’s have some of the best tech startup logos with sleek and effective designs. Tech startup logo is supposed to be a depiction of the company’s values, morals, and ability to work ingeniously. The tech startup logos are usually an amalgam of graphic design, appeal, and aesthetics of the brand.

From unique shape and design to intrinsic text fonts, brands go all out to create a lasting impression on the audience. Each tech startup logos has its own embalm that speaks for the brand! From simple designs and color schemes to the rainbow being the limit, these brands make it a point to itch the brand on the crowd’s mind.

But ever wondered how the brand chooses and designs its eccentric designs?

We have prepared a detailed list to clear. Schedule Your 30 Minutes FREE Consultation call with us now and let’s see some tips to create a tech startups logo:

  • Let the colors pop
  • Know what your brand wants to convey
  • Give attention to typography
  • Minimum is always more
  • Manoeuvre shapes
  • Get inspired
  • Avoid too many words
  • Make it scalable

Let’s see these tech startup logo tips in detail and understand where and how we can make a difference:

Let the colors pop

Colors bring out the vibrance of anything and everything. Using colors that pop out to the crowd and make an appeal are very important. Each color has a different meaning, and so choosing the right color is crucial. For example, A brand choosing a white and blue combination might depict innovation in technology and freshness in their products. Food chains use red colors to grab the eyes of young adults as their target audience. And lastly, brands using green come across as environment friendly!

While the brands usually have predefined .colors for their brand ready, it is a hard job to establish the attributes of the logo. From deciding on the combination of colors to finalizing the texture and patterns for the background, it is a long process. UIUX Studio is one brand that efficiently understands the vision of the company and selects the best tech startup logos. You can get in touch with us to get a wide range of color palettes to choose from.

Know what your brand wants to convey

Building a tech startup’s logo based on the brand ideology is important. Having pre-knowledge about what the brand is about and who its target audience is helpful. Not only does it help in the designing part but also helps in building strong schemes w.r.t colors and shapes!

Getting insight into the brand’s nature and its goals will enable the designers to choose the elements of the logo carefully. Personalizing the logo based on the target audience and market will create a lasting apprehension towards the brand. And that is where UIUX studio specializes, i.e., understanding the brand inside out and then coming up with a unique set of logos to choose from.

Give attention to typography

Picking up the correct font style and size is another aspect that plays a key role in logo formation. Using extravagant and exotic styles can cause difficulty in reading the content, thus leading to disinterest in-crowd.

So, basically, you need to again know the target audience, genre, and ideology of the brand to select personalized fonts. Designing brands have to carefully select and curate unique fonts for each logo and make sure they stand out!

Get in touch with UIUX studio to get ideas and designs that are carefully sketched out!

Minimum is always more

We all know that going minimal is trending! Putting fewer elements and subtle schemes always goes a long way. The fuller the logo, the shabbier it might look, and thus going for a basic setup is in trend these days. Like Apple, Xiaomi, and Twitter, logos are memorized by everyone, so should yours be easily memorable.

Avoiding controversial images, complex elements, and using basic elements goes a long way. Thinking out of the box is needed, but sometimes cliché works better and so let your imagination run wild but also stay on the ground!

Get inspired

Look at the profile of your competitors and other brands for ideas. Search around yourself and take inspiration from anything and everything to create an impact on the crowd! Inspiration can come from anything and has no end.

A designer works on your inspiration and creates the designs you imagined and inspired. The team of specialized designers at UIUX studio makes your inspiration their inspiration and works in accordance with that. Get In touch with our team to give life to your imagination!

Avoid too many words

We talked about fonts and being minimal and so this point originates of not using too many words! Let the visuals speak for themselves, using too many words would create a low impression! Suppose your target audience comprises children, do you think they’ll be able to read too many words? The answer is NO, the visual instead would attract them and so food chains use images instead of words!

It is human Psychology, Visuals attract more than words and so using animations and pictures is preferred. Strive to be different from your competitors as mere letters can create a huge difference. Not only pictures but animation and a letter or two can also sketch the message of personality and vision of the brand!

Some Extra tips

Make it scalable
Print media has the biggest impact on people today! A company while creating its logos should keep in mind the crucial aspect of scalability. That is when printed on Billboards, magazines, and brochures the logo should always be proportionate!

While designing the tech start-up logo, one should keep in mind that the logo should always be visible on both small and large surfaces. If required these logos can have addition and subtraction of elements and adjustment according to the surface. For example, the DISNEY logo is different for Applications and billboards! UIUX studio is one of the few designing brands that make sure to keep in mind the scalability and ease of transfer of logo on different surfaces. Get in touch with them now to see your company billboards across the town.

Use your Wit & Humour
People seek happiness and smile, and if your logo can make someone smile what more would you need? Your logo should not only impress and stand out but should also be pleasant. If possible, curate your logo in such a way that the person looking would have a smile on their face without even knowing. Yes, it is not possible to use wit in all sectors, as an image witty logo for a doctor (I’ll be scared).

Use humor and wit to the advantage and come up with something as simple and as pleasant as possible. Not only will it help you be successful but will also create a lasting identity for your brand in the market! Loosen that strict structure and bring happiness wherever possible is after all that they say!


For tech startups, logo designs are the first thing that a customer notices, and thus these should stand out. Being unique, simple, and minimal should be the prime goal but the logo should also be able to display the brand’s story and vision.

Keeping in mind the aspects like scalability and inspiration designing of the logo should be done by a team of experts. Before actually designing the logo it is important to know the dynamics of the brand and what it wants to put out in front! You can give life to your brand name and brand image by sketching out a logo and getting it to life with the help of an expert design team!

UIUX STUDIO with their team of trained and specialized experts in the area curate logos that tell a story. They aim to create personalized and solitary designs for their customers and also ensure customer satisfaction. Each logo is created with precision and care to leave a mark on the mind of the viewer.