All You Need To Know About ecommerce Design In 2024

In recent years there has been a surge to take the business online. Taking business online and maintaining their online presence has opened many doors of possible business opportunities for businesses. eCommerce is something that has the companies to open up new possibilities for businesses and increase their sales drastically. Either way, eCommerce designs are becoming more and more popular these days, and web design agencies are coming up with innovative campaigns and designs that help the companies to achieve their desired target. We have included various ecommerce homepage design tips and ecommerce design trends 2022 to help your business. However, before getting to them, let us clarify what eCommerce development is.

Importance Of ecommerce Designing

Though most of the landing pages and the eCommerce websites have a poor UX, it can be said that if a powerful UX-driven website enters a market, it can give high profits to the company. The conversion rate of the website completely depends on the UX, and that is why ecommerce website design is so complicated. It is also important to understand the design’s working because of the versatility that it brings to the table. To ensure that your eCommerce website is working as required, you must choose one of the best ecommerce design companies. For that, we at UIUX Studio can help you out as we are the best in the business. Book Your 30 Minutes FREE Consultation call with us.

Why Is It Important to Invest In UX For eCommerce Websites?

UX stands for user experience, and it is enough to understand why it is important to have ecommerce websites design inspiration for a perfect UX design for an eCommerce website. Though there might be some new members to this industry, here is the relation between UX and an eCommerce website.

Did you know that 70% of the projects and campaigns fail because the user cannot relate to the experience on their website, in simple words, due to the lack of user acceptance! The statistics suggest that developing a design that gives a sound experience to the users can increase profits and reduce customer costs by a huge margin.

Companies that have accepted UX designs for their eCommerce website have seen a growth of 30% in sales. Along with that, the bounce rate on the website decreases by 50%. A study also suggests that rather than using mobile sites for ordering online, the users tend to choose mobile applications as they provide ease in their usage.

The user experience is important because it provides a unique experience to the users. UX designs increase the interaction between the user and the brand. This allows the brand to enhance its strategies as the users spend more time on their website. Including the UX design with appropriate copywriting can help in boosting sales. That is why an eCommerce design often has UX embedded in it.

Here are some of the major benefits of including UX in an eCommerce website.

Boosting Revenue and Conversion Rate

Return on investment is something that every company is focusing on these days. Studies have backed this fact that ROI on UX is around more than 9900%. Though the number seems huge, there is also the fact that it should be done properly. The brands that have invested in UX for E-Commerce have seen lower acquisition costs along with an increase in customer retention converting customers into loyal customers, and it just doesn’t stop there. The support cost of the customer is also lowered because of embedding UX with an eCommerce website or application.

A good investment in UX brings a flow in the structure. This makes it much simpler for the users to use the application and make the whole process easier. Since the experience becomes good, the conversion rate automatically increases. In addition, powerful and convincing copywriting can also help in the conversion of the customers. With enhanced UX, companies have seen an increase in the conversion rate by 105% for mobile alone and up to 85% for desktop traffic.

Increase Customer Satisfaction and Retention

A company’s success is not decided by its sales but by the retention of the customers. Since an eCommerce equipped website is a store always in the hands of the customer, it becomes much easier to increase customer retention. However, to retain customers, customer satisfaction is extremely important. This again points in the direction of investing in UX for eCommerce. A good UX gives great satisfaction to the customers while using your platform. And once you give a great experience to a user, they come back, and you gain another loyal customer.

Decreases Customer Support

To be honest, customer support cannot be decreased. There are always some issues that a customer faces, and there will be a load of customer calls. However, a good UX design for E-Commerce helps the customer to solve problems on their own as the design itself guides the customer. Now, this makes things much easier for the customer. Hence, there will be fewer customer calls. Easy navigation, appropriate information, in-app support, accessible, efficient design increases the user experience from good to great.

Reduced Development Costs

The designs that focus on users always help the user to optimize the content for themselves. Along with that, since the UX design is working great along with the eCommerce platform, there is hardly any need to completely develop the website again. The required changes from time to time are required that set the foundation of a great user experience that your business provides to your users. This also helps the company to focus on the desired goals, which will be based on the data derived from the website itself. Since the current design is user-friendly and the users accept the targeted context, it decreases the rework giving you an optimized and a near to perfect website.

The industry is growing, and demand for eCommerce design embedded with UX is growing as well. So, if you are planning to invest in UX, then there might be some expectations that must be met. Instead, you get something you didn’t know anything about. If you aren’t a designer or a complete newcomer to this industry of eCommerce design or UX designs, there we at UI UX studio have prepared a list of questions that will help you approach a design agency confidently and knowledgeably.

Understanding Target Group

The online retail store is up and running because of users. Since everything is an online retail store revolves around users, it is essential to know the user inside out. Understanding the E Commerce Target Audience and their needs, preferences, behaviour, even expectations from a particular brand can help a lot. Ask the right question, and you are halfway there in building the right strategy for a user-centric design.

Primary Research

The first-hand Ecommerce research or the primary research, where the information is collected by meeting the existing customers or users first hand. Though this is a time-consuming and cost-driven process, it is this research that uncovers the hidden opportunities of the market and gives a completely new perspective of looking at the market. Decisions that are driven by the primary research for eCommerce web design can give out a result-driven design. Here are some questions that one should ask the eCommerce design agency.

  1. What is your product’s most important feature according to users? This question often gives the brand a new perspective of looking at things. This is important because it helps you prioritize the important features and shift the focus on them. This will help in product development and overall business turnover because you actually focus on what the customer wants.
  2. What is your product known for? Why is it known that way? Identifying customer perception and understanding might not seem to have any relation to designing a UX for eCommerce, but in the long run understanding, this can help you place your brand value.
  3. Are the user expectations met? Such information can be crucial for developing any design. This will give the whole eCommerce website design team a clear path for designing.
  4. What is the user experience and interaction with the product? Understanding the way users interact with the product gives a clear idea to developers what the limitations of the target group are and how they can be overcome.

Secondary Research

The primary research revolves completely around the user, whereas the secondary research revolves around the market. Know what is the current trend in the market, competitors, technology, demographics, etc. A comprehensive overview of the market situation and customer behaviour is what can be identified from secondary research. We have lined up some questions that should be asked while researching for eCommerce UX design:

  1. Who is the competition, and where do you stand compared to them? Comparison in this highly competitive world lets you understand what the challenges and ecommerce design best practices that are available in the market are.
  2. What should be a basic target group for the research?
  3. Is there diversity, and how can it be addressed?

Technological challenges

The pandemic has increased the internet user base and consumption rate. More than half of India’s population uses the internet regularly. Despite being the second-largest internet user in the world, the eCommerce market is still open to explore for designers. Being in a growing market or industry, there are obviously going to be some challenges that will be faced by the other major cities of the country.

  1. Understand the behaviour of the user in the targeted area. It varies a lot from the metropolitan cities. Observational research can prove to be game-changing.
  2. Know the internet bandwidth that people operate on. Businesses in the quest of giving their users everything often end up giving nothing to them. This is because the bandwidth is often too low, so the users cannot load the design completely. Understand the ups and downs of your ecommerce design principles. Also, remember to design as per the need of the market.
  3. Choose easy and effective communication. Don’t complicate things if you don’t have to.
  4. Give your customers a choice in almost everything. Choice in payment option is what is still considered the ideal option for many major businesses.

Your Business and User Needs Are Not Parallel

Your business is based on users because that is how a business works. They don’t go parallelly. As much as you need them, they need you the same. So, rather than making it a completely ‘I’ oriented business, make it you oriented or the customer-oriented business.

Hidden Opportunities

As an online business, you never know where the new opportunity is going to come from. There are often new hidden opportunities that lie underneath the ecosystem. To find such opportunities, one must always know the industry inside out and keep experimenting with the best ecommerce app design practices. Understand the nature of the business you are in and use it as leverage. No matter what business you are in, leverage can prove pivotal for any business.

If you are still reading this UX blog, then you probably know almost everything you need to know before deciding on entering the eCommerce market while understanding the importance of design in this sector. However, the key to any business success is to understand the business, user, and market, along with that focus on solving the problem of the customer, and you will be good to go.