Top 6 High paying design jobs in 2022

The year 2022 has a lot to offer people from different sectors of the world and different industries. If you are someone who is looking to do something good and make a living out of design it is the best year for you to try something new and follow your passion. The industry of design has a lot of potentials and it offers a great deal to its people. There is nothing like the design industry; it is a place where creativity meets technology. The sector has wide space for innovation to thrive and if you have passion for it you can do wonders here.

Design Jobs

Wherever you go and whatever you see one thing that you find that is omnipresent is the design being clothes that you wear or the applications you use every part of your life is design. A designer’s job is one of the most sought-after jobs recently and as designers, people have the potential to change and shape the world in multiple manners. Recently product design companies & design UX jobs are in great demand as it is found that a design-centric business outperforms the competition in the market and customers are more driven towards such businesses that have their personal authentic touch to their product.

The design industry is quite competitive and challenging in the market but it is also fast-moving and rewarding too if you hire UI UX designer who is an expert in his field. It is one of the best career paths that people can choose who have an eye for design and are passionate about the field of visual aesthetics. For such passionate and creative people, we bring you our top 6 highest paying design jobs.

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High Paying Design Jobs

If you also belong to the percent of people who want to make a career in design and get high paying design jobs but are not sure about the path. Well! We bring you our top picks of high paying design jobs remote that is high in demand in the market. Our list is diverse and we have covered jobs in the sector of animations, mobile applications, and tangible products. So you have nothing to worry about as we have something for you as well on our list that will help you in choosing the right path.

Product Designer
A job of a product designer is one of the most in-demand & high paying design jobs in the organization or a company. It is one of the high paying graphic design jobs remotely. Multiple organizations are hiring product designers for their upcoming new products. A product designer’s job is among our top picks for high paying jobs in graphic design. It is quite a rewarding job as a designer to find solutions to the real-life problems of the people and is the brains behind multiple applications, websites, and products that we consume digitally on a regular basis.

If you want to become a product designer & join high paying design jobs, you should have solid foundational knowledge in user experience design and research. Along with a bachelor’s degree in industrial design. People hire a product designer either to come up with some new designs or to improve the existing design of their product. The works of product designers are quite diverse as they work in multiple fields. As per the pay scale, the average salary of product designers is somewhere near $ 76,081 per year and it ranges from $ 43,988 to $122,267. Thus to land a job in this role you should focus on your problem-solving capabilities and should know how to apply your research knowledge to the project at hand.

Graphic Designers
They work in multiple fields and their job comprises designing logos of the brand along with printing graphics and its publications. They also work on templates for social media and multiple advertisements. Though before going for this career you should decide whether you want a specialization in a particular field or you prefer a general graphic design portfolio. As for the job application, your portfolio is of great importance and is quite valuable. Make sure you include good designs of your experience as based on your portfolio you will get a job.

The job of a graphic designer is among the highest paying design jobs as such people help the organization to create brand identities. Graphic designers are pro in merging technology with art and creating products that resonate with the audience. The best part about this job profile is that people can either go for regular jobs or they can also work on a freelance basis on contracts and also as an in-house graphic designer. For graphic designers, there are multiple options available. If you have skill and passion you can easily get good high paying jobs in graphic design.

User Experience (UX) Designer
The work of UX designers is creating websites, software, mobile applications, video games, etc. while creating such applications and games they also evaluate and analyze people’s reaction to a particular design and its system and whether the product is delivering the requirements of the audience or not. UX designer also analyses the usefulness and credibility of the product. If you wish to make a career in design UX jobs as a UX designer & get one of the highest paying design job remotely, you should know some common skills that are quite important for the profile such as UX wireframes, Visual design, Prototyping, User Research, etc.

As a user experience, designers have a task to develop functional designs that appeal to the front-end users and for this, they closely work with different developers and designers and make the vision of the company a reality. It is one job profile that requires good teamwork as they work with different teams and clients on a regular basis such as sales and marketing. As per the pay scale, the average salary of high paying jobs in Graphic design and UX designer is $ 72,886. So, getting high paying design jobs is no longer a dream.

User Interface (UI) and Visual Designers
UI designs are closely related to graphic designs and people sometimes use UI designs as Visual designs as well. UI or visual designers are the subset of graphic designs only and they focus primarily on designing content and digital interfaces. For a good UI designer, you should have some basic knowledge of CSS and HTML. If you want people to hire you as a visual designer you should have a good portfolio of your previous designs and showcase such designs to your potential employer. As visual designers you will work with teams hence you must have good communication skills as you will work with product designers, developers, product managers, etc.

If you are good with design, development, and psychology you will have no problem as a UI designer. The work of a visual designer is balancing the needs of the user and the creator of the application. Some of the skills that you should have for this role are knowledge of JavaScript, UX wireframing, Interaction design, etc. the average salary of UI designers is $ 68,362 per year.

Motion Designers
They are responsible for creating micro animations in videos and on other digital platforms and televisions. The main purpose of motion designers is to create trailers and commercials for websites and movies and multiple products and designs. To have a job you require making video portfolios and discussing them with your potential employers.

It is also one of the high paying design jobs that bring us some of our favorite forms of environment. Though the job is well paid it is not an easy one. People expect you to deliver the best and animators work on a tight schedule. Before embarking on this path you should make sure that this is what you want to do and be 100 percent sure about it. The job requires time and energy both to a larger extent. The responsibility of an animator is to work with teams to design, improve, and update videos.

They also create special effects for video games, television, movies, and other media platforms. Some of the skills required for becoming an animator is to know about Graphic design, motion graphics, 3D Modeling, Animation, etc. as per the pay scale the average salary of an animator per year is $50,680.


With the help of the above findings, we can conclude that as an artist it is quite satisfactory when people relate to your works and work with them. If you are a passionate designer these jobs will help you to make a good name in the field and will provide you with the satisfaction that you need. Embarking on this journey of a designer is a good choice for you as it will help you learn a great deal about the field and the things you require to upskill your work. In no time you will find yourself making a living out of designs and making products for the company of your choice. It is one such career path that meets the eye and is quite rewarding in its journey.