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Experience a swift, user-friendly B2B digital payments platform designed to foster customer loyalty and encourage future transactions. This comprehensive solution offers an array of functionalities, including an online payment terminal, invoicing, customer portal, surcharging, credit card vault, and recurring payments.
The primary features of the platform include Business Insights, Lending, Foreign Exchange, and Business Health Score.
After performing the UX/UI audit to pinpoint areas for improvement and enhance platform functionality, we proceeded with the platform revamp.


Designing an intuitive and user-friendly interface is essential for any app’s success. In the case of a Xchainge, users need to understand complex financial data and execute trades without confusion or errors.

XchaingeProject Timeline

Various UX processes were followed to come up with a suitable solution. Below is a quick glance at the project
timeline and the approach followed during the course of project.
Brand colors

Typeface & Colors

The font selection was conducted with meticulous consideration to align with the brand’s identity, conveying a sense of seriousness and trustworthiness. Lato was specifically chosen for most of the body content, as well as headings to add emphasis when necessary. This font displays a pleasing appearance when organized thoughtfully. Furthermore, brand colors were strategically employed to ensure consistency and reflect the brand’s distinctive personality.

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