When do we talk about the organic website generating so many leads you get the goosebumps right? Yes, it does happen but there are some situations where you are not able to have easy access to the website. We sometimes focus on the larger side of the picture but forgot to include the main side the smaller, the better side. In designing a website it is always considered to focus on the large group of people rather than focusing on a small section of the people which is definitely more than larger groups.

There are some situations and factors that are affecting the website usage for the people they are visual deterioration that does not allow partial or full inability to see and understand the color contrast used in the website. The hearing deterioration that does not allow them to hear well. Some people are not even able to use the keyboard or mouse which also affect the way people use the website. There are some people who are unable to read the sentences this is a problem of dyslexia.

These are people who do not have easy access to the website but these people are the ones who are large in number and that matters a lot for the business. By keeping up with all those people you will gain their trust and make it easy for them to have access to your website. This will make your website more organic and thus will become easy for you to make your website accessible to all.

There are a few things that are taken into consideration while designing the website and making it accessible to all and these points are necessary to keep in mind while making the website accessible to all people;

Color contrast usage

Colors are the variety of life. Without them, life will be too boring and same will be with the website without colours the website will look lifeless. When we take al people into consideration there come people with color blindness who can only differentiate between black and white. Different people have a different vision of seeing the colors through the diverse spectrum.

Make things simple for the people to read as it’s not their eye test that’s going on. You should not merge your background with the text as the colour contrast we are using should be distinguished from the text. The usage of the analogous or monochromatic color system should be avoided.

Use for the primary title of the page. Avoid using a for anything other than the title of the website and the title of individual pages. These titles will help to understand the website more.

Enabling Unique links

We need to use proper links for the website to make it more accessible and easy to use for that doing the childish thing will not be acceptable like “choose me”. A big no to this as this seems vague statement for the user’s end.

There should be more descriptive text that exaggerates the content more effectively like it could be “ About Us”, “Our Services” and so on. All the links that will give you the full fledge information about what is to be done.

Links are very important for website accessibility as they will take the users to the page where they will get the desired information about the company and will make the website more accessible for the end-users. You can go through once icloud activation lock removal free online

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Static text

The text used in the website should be static, which simply states that it should not be changed according to the people who have certain deterioration as this will make your website destructive because the other people will not be able to engage with your website.

We should make sure that the website should be static bt the content to be dynamic. This will make your website more appealing and never disable user scalability as it will make the resizing of the text hard for the users.

Text plays an important role in website accessibility as they create an environment comfortable for those who have dyslexia and thus the text will make the website worth their while and will make the website more engaging and organic with so many leads on the website will be useful and this makes the website more accessible.

Accurate labels for forms

Labels do work well for you as they are self-explanatory and are entitled to engage the audience. Labels should be placed and should be descriptive enough and that will help you to make your website more engaging and accessible. Labels need to be placed right in the form that will be helpful for the people to fill the form and will make the website look more engaging to the people using the website.

For instance, if the field is for a person’s name, label it properly as ‘Full Name’ or include two separate fields i.e. ‘First Name’ and ‘Last Name’. While filling a form field, a user should be empowered to tab through the form and enter all the fields, before pressing the ‘Submit’ button or they might end up missing on additional fields.


In the end, I would like to conclude that we can welcome people to our website by making it accessible to all the people not only focusing upon all major and minor possibilities so far. A small group of people are more than large groups of people whom we can attract through our website and make it easy for them to have access to the website.

Keeping in mind all the points mentioned one can not only keep up with the normal but also with people with certain disabilities this will gain their loyalty and trust and they will link more people with your website.

Color and labels need to be in place to make the website pop up as this will help the website to gain more leads and become organic and will become more accessible for the people.