About Ongo Energy & Challenges

Ongo is a one of its kind energy spray that is primarily targeted towards athletes and fitness enthusiasts. This wonder product replenishes the energy needs of high performance individuals in minutes unlike in traditional energy drinks that require 20-30 minutes to show their affect. This energy spray consists of 20 sugar-free servings made with natural caffeine in a pocket sized bottle.  It offers clean energy boost when athletes and fitness enthusiasts need it most without any jitters or crashes.

It was a new product launch and the client wanted to start with a bang. Their requirement was simple. They wanted to increase the visibility of the product and increase sales of the product. Being a unique product that had very little generic competition it had to target a niche audience segment. Our team sat down with the client to assess their long and short term goals with the product and ensure it is launched in the most inspirational way in the market.


What We Did?

We had to chalk out a unique development and branding strategy for the product as there were few parallels in the market.

Our team went to the drawing board to create unique strategy for the whole product launch that covered all aspects starting from design and development to branding. We accomplished the following tasks during the project -

  • ⦁ Designing the website from scratch
  • ⦁ Creating UX /UI for the site
  • ⦁ Designing custom landing pages
  • ⦁ Search Engine Optimization
  • ⦁ Branding and Typography
  • ⦁ Responsive design
  • ⦁ Product Marketing
Fast Acting
Easy to Use

Typography & Colours

typography & colours

Graphik (Black)

Graphik (Regular)

"When it comes to building a memorable brand, consistency is everything. We build upon the work you’ve done by choosing colors, fonts, and a graphic style for your brand."



Flush Orange






Mine Shaft


Beryl Green




Rum Swizzle



Our efforts along with the support from the client helped Ongo Energy achieve an impressive launch in the market.

The first orders were processed on Day 1 and the site was indexed on the search engines quickly. The responsive website achieved high interaction and conversion rate on mobile devices which was one of the main goals for the client.


Why OnGo Energy

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