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ESG Reporting Intelligence represents a state-of-the-art technology designed to assist businesses in initiating, enhancing, and reporting on their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance.

The cutting-edge program demystifies ESG reporting, catering to various stakeholders, including business owners, founders, CEOs, CFOs, sustainability, legal, procurement, or sales departments.

With the solution, your business gains the ability to effectively manage and comprehend the diverse range of ESG actions that clients, customers, shareholders, and financial institutions increasingly anticipate in every business interaction.


Being a relatively new platform with few competitors to draw research and inspiration from, our main obstacle was managing large volumes of data. Our primary objective was to design an appealing interface that maintained user-friendliness and ensured the information presented remained easily understandable.

ESG Project Timeline

Various UX processes were followed to come up with a suitable solution. Below is a quick glance at the project
timeline and the approach followed during the course of project.
Brand colors

Typeface & Colors

The fonts were chosen with great care to align with the brand’s identity, exuding a sense of seriousness and trustworthiness. Proxima Nova, Inter and Roboto were selected, as it effectively enhances the content where needed. Its organized presentation complements the overall appearance, while brand colors were utilized to maintain consistency and reflect the brand’s distinct personality.

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