All You Need To Know About Blockchain UX In 2024

Just as social media boomed and provided the tool to connect with everyone across the globe, a similar boom in the blockchain industry was seen in the past few years. The COVID-19, inflation, and the importance of money have opened doors to many decentralized currencies across the world. However, the number of blockchain wallet users has been significantly increasing, the market and the product both have more in store to offer.

However, the loophole in this structure and the marketplace is that some of the major players in the industry have set the expectation bar too high for the end-users. This niche problem makes the platform harder to use for the customer, and oftentimes, it becomes seemingly irritating and useless.

What is the UX of blockchain & What Does the Future Store for us?

Though blockchain has gotten the boom recently due to digitalization, the internet is considerably old compared to it. So, the major thing where most of the blockchain platforms lack to connect with the audience is the UX design for blockchain.

Since the design elements and the blockchain UX elements might appear the same on the surface, there are some significant elements that blockchain platforms require to attract and get the required conversion rate. Now let us understand what is the UX of blockchain and how it works.

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The problem in the Blockchain UX design

The demand for the blockchain industry does not seem to slow down for a while now. Also, the number of startups based on blockchain platforms are also increasing. As the demand increases, the industry is now filled with small-scale offerings to medium and large-scale platforms. As most of the players in the pool have not considered it, there is a gap that needs to be covered in the profitability section.

Ideal structure and design

So, what the industry needs is the ideal structure of the design that enhances and communicates with the user effectively as the digital currency cannot be seen and has a huge gap to cover. Poor experience on the platform can result in even abandonment of the platform.

This indicates that the problem in this new booming industry is the blockchain UX design that does meet its purpose. Meaning the UX design for blockchain does not effectively enhance and enrich the experience of the user, which ultimately results in the failure of the blockchain platform.

Common Challenges that need to be Addressed

After observing and analyzing some of the platforms, here are some of the challenges for UX design blockchain that we observed and few UX designers in the industry face:

Poor or Ineffective Introduction

When the user first arrives on your platform, understand that they want to entrust you with their money. Meaning you need to convey through your emotions. Understand that they want to trust, and since the platform is new and digital, they also want to be seen.

Onboard the users in such a way that connects effectively with them. Oftentimes due to not being an accepted platform all across the world, the user has to come to your application through a third party. This leads to dropouts during the onboarding.

Rather than taking the user directly to the dashboard where the transactions happen, take them through a procedure that examines the blockchain completely. For this blockchain, UX design for blockchain plays a significantly game-changing role even for the conversion of clients from just clients to loyal clients.

Security and Privacy

Users are considerably new to the blockchain community. Since the arrival is mass, the application often fails to convert them from potential to loyal customers. One of the major issues that even some of the leading platforms have is that the user is not informed or only partially informed about the fundamental safety rules. Through blockchain UX design, explain to the user the risks of trading on the platform.

An effective example of this is that some of the platforms fail to communicate with the newcomers about the offline wallets as a more secure way of exchanging. Rather than just providing them with just an option for offline wallet transfer, take them through the entire process.

Keep it Clear, Informational and Transparent

What is blockchain? It is nothing but a platform where a person can hold digital products and currency. Now, what is the UX of Blockchain? It is a design that communicates effectively with the end-user and enhances the experience of the user while being in the application. Any confusion in one or the other can lead to dropouts. So are a few aspects that every UX design should convey properly:

1. Financial statements:
If you observe closely, then the description of the important cryptocurrency distinctions like tokens are not clear. Though the prices vary on different platforms, the risks of overspending are always clear. Do not let the user make an uninformed decision. Keep it clear as every user is there to make money, not lose it.

2. Exchange rates and Transaction Fees:
An uninformed user can easily fall victim to the profit margin of exchange rates and transaction fees. Through it, you can clearly state everything effectively. Giving everything to the user on the dashboard might in a sophisticated manner is a challenging task, but with effective YX design for blockchain measures, you can enhance the user experience effectively.

Keep the valuable information so clear through your blockchain UX design that it should tell the user their holdings and transactions required to the purchase of crypto.

The New Roles and Responsibility in the Blockchain UX Design in 2024

As the growth of Cryptocurrency and the blockchain industry seems to be everlasting, the roles and responsibilities of the UX design as well the effectiveness of the designers have also increased.

Rather than just developing a simple, unique, and user-friendly interface that the clients find engaging, the additional responsibility to provide information in a much easier manner is to be to the design.

Tips that Becoming an Effective Blockchain Designer

2024 has already begun with a bang for the crypto market. Now that the market is promising a positive and buying swing, giving a green light for the newcomers to enter the market, here are some of the design tips that would instantly make you an effective designer and make your design stand out from the crowd.

1. Follow the trend:
It is important to follow the trend in these designs. It sets the bar for competition and makes you stand out uniquely in front of the world. Give the users the real crust of the UX, which is user experience. We provide the user with Common Navigation, Data & Stats, Money, Connected Wallet, CTAs, etc. Also, consider the speed of the application as heavy design and signify poor user experience.

2. Mobile First:
TMost of the user base today is mobile-friendly. Though laptops or desktops are always better, mobiles are easy to access for the user. Also, most of the users are on mobile, so provide the user with proper mobile navigation and large hit areas, large typography so clear communication and try to keep the UX design single action per page.

3. Bold and Clear Typography:
Let the user use mobile or laptop. One thing that the UX design for blockchain aims for is clear communication. Bold texts with clear typography are extremely important for effective communication. Keep the important texts that define user presence bold and large with a clear hierarchy.

4. The Classic Black and White Color Pattern with Minimal UI:
Too much color on a platform where the user engages can lead to downgrading. A classic tip that many leading blockchain UX designs follow is a black and white color pattern.

Keep the black and white interface and buttons in color pop. Also, do not outline the borders as it might make the design heavy and ineffective. Usage of shadows and blurs is necessary but do not overdo them as it can convey the ineffectiveness of the design.

Say No to Ads

Everyone knows that advertisements are a great way to bring traffic on the platforms or even generate revenue. However, on a blockchain platform where the transaction happens and the user entrusts you with their money, it is important to make the user feel valued. Also, it makes the information you provide through the application clearer and more readable.

Though for the future, the arrival of ads on this platform is inevitable, in the initial stages opening the gates of advertisement can be tricky and misleading. It also blurs the line of trust between the platform and the user. Banner ads, homepage dashboard ads & NFT ads should be avoided until it arrives as a trend.


Now you have understood what is the UX of blockchain. Blockchain UX design is in full swing as the industry keeps on attracting new users to the market. Also, the number of platforms that are considering redesigning the UX design for a blockchain platform.

Let this blog serve its purpose and provide you with all the necessary information regarding the trend, design niche. Also, if you are looking for effective UX designers, check out our official website. We at UIUX Studio provide development in other domains too such as aggrotech and telecommunications.