Manipulating their users- How UX designers use psychology?

Psychology is an essential part of the User Experience(UX) design process. Manipulating people by understanding how they will interact with the product and how their decisions can be influenced or can be manipulated are the topics to be covered by UX designers.

Design psychology is a technique for manipulating people in such a way that they will perceive the notion we want them to consider. Psychology is an all-rounder when it comes to discipline and includes many sub-fields of study such areas as human development, social behaviour and cognitive processes.

In our personal encounter with products, every interaction is instant. We are not made of machines, we know and we can feel it while using technology. Through manipulation, we can make sure that the product affects us as our emotions can change the end result of how we feel for the product.

Designers have to make sure that they use emotional designs to manipulate people and has become such a buzzword in the design community because designers are eager to find the link between the users and the products through psychological intimate.

Emotional design is a psychological term which states that people with a less technical background are more willing to believe that aesthetic designs are generally appealing and are more emotional than the less appealing ones.

When those emotional designs fail, however, the users tend to blame themselves instead of the broken functionalities. This could be because of an impressive picture that caught your attention, or might be the product is using a lot of your favourite colour, or night be those fancy animations really stunned you.

It is said that Placing the most important information first, and last and Placing the least important information in middle can be a highly effective way to grab the users attention.

This article is based on scratching the surface of psychological UX design. Through UX design researches, it is guaranteed that through observation and understanding you can get to know the user behaviour and emotions and then can make a product that will be practically valid.

social psychology happens to us all the times, the more often we see someone, the more likely we’ll find that person likeable or charming. Unfortunately for the users, that is all the SEO celebs need to hear. web banner ads exist because what we see has more impact on our bran in than what we learn, advertisement agencies believe merely flashing their ads to the users’ faces that will leave traces in their brain.

However, web designers also need to be careful with how they want to influence users emotions. Without appropriate research and careful implementation, we cannot base it on our intention that will ultimately lead to bad manipulation. We need to show empathy towards the users for manipulation them to go for our product.