Customer Journey Maps: Definition and How To Make One

A customer journey maps are a visual interpretation of the customer journey, also known as the buyer’s journey or user journey. It helps to tell the story of your customer’s experience with the brand across all touchpoints.

Whether customers connect with you on social media, email, live chat, or other channels. Mapping the customer journey visually helps ensure no customer moves through cracks.

It also helps B2B companies to achieve insights into current customer pain points. It enables them to optimize and personalize the customer experience.

A customer journey map takes multiple forms. It is a visual representation of a customer’s experience with a product or company at various touchpoints.

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What Is Customer Journey Mapping?

A customer journey mapping helps designers, stakeholders to understand the needs of their customers, pain points. It helps to know their user’s experience, to identify opportunities for improvement and innovation.

Customer journey maps strive to track the customer’s emotions during the experience of curiosity, confusion, anxiety, frustration, relief. The journey to understand the target user or customer is not new to the digital aspect.

If you want to know what is customer journey maps examples are Disney. It began mapping out its customers’ multi-channel engagement from movies to toys to theme parks decades ago. It is not a new concept, but now it is in trend, so every company wants to use custom journey maps to analyze their business.

How To Map The Customer Journey With Examples

A customer journey maps is a specific object that represents a fair and thorough story within the time. It assists us to figure out from a perfect journey map seeing how it’s working, and what we take into the study while being a customer.

The basic purpose is to figure out if your actual customer experience is coming poor and getting towards negative impressions. It is necessary to check various stages of the buyer’s journey.

There are many phases of the customer journey but some are for a limited time, others continue for days or weeks. All these phases are crucial for the customer journey map. We divided it into two parts like pre-sales or post-sales.

Let us discuss the five phases of the customer journey map.

It is the initial stage and uses multiple methods for collecting the information for product awareness. In the presale & research phase, companies look for simple messaging and problem-solving methods.

It shows the entry point of your customer reached, whether company or individual. The messaging indicates the phase they’re in and helps in determining the many factors.

They’re reviewing options in yours with another product, analyzing their pricing, which is the suitable solution, evaluating their features and benefits. In product research, brand awareness plays a crucial part.

Its brand awareness, known history, quality, and service affect a sale to the natural or more selected brand. There is a requirement to increase brand awareness in this product space. All details we consider in the pre-sale.

When people want to purchase products, they visit a store for this. These points include in the post-sale journey. When a customer buys a product and goes for the purchase, this is the link for immediate action.

It is better to not leave a gap in between this phase and first contact. The customer wants to be recognized as a start-up welcome and messaging system to progress the journey with an exceptional experience and a chance to move them into further phases.

Keeping a customer is complex, and where many go down off the means if they’re not adequately supported. There is a need to maintain customer satisfaction and approval rating by proceeding to solve a problem. Its prediction for future complications helps your client.

In this phase, the customer wants a product receipt, and sometimes if they face any issues they also complain about that. Now customer experience team helps our clients to enhance their experience & it is a significant chance to look after your customer’s requirements. Regular contact is key to improving customer loyalty and gives positive experiences to users.

If we manage all the other phases well, customers become representatives, & present the best marketing for your company. Their impact on the purchasing settlements of others promotes further sales.

The point charge and reward is an enormous boost to increase sales. Referral schemes mean that customers already approved your product, & promote and expedite the customer onboarding process.

We can check some examples to understand how they affect our business.

Ecommerce Customer Journey Map Example
This imaginary customer journey map is an obvious example of a day on the life map. It focuses on the activities and concerns involved with the customer’s communication with the company. This map draws all the movements and emotions the customer experiences on a regular day.

It is significant because it controls a customer’s state of mind or emotional state based on the level of freedom

Image Source: Karten Design

Retail Customer Journey Maps Example
It confers an in-depth customer journey map of a customer communicating with an imaginary restaurant. This map is more extensive than others as it comprises the direct or invisible interactions a customer has with the company.

This map is complex, but it spreads out every action required in the customer experience, consisting of the customer, employees serving, and working behind the scenes. It explains how each of these factors affects the customer journey & finds the root cause of mistakes and problem-solve this for the future.

These types of examples help us figure out the problems that customers face during the purchasing process. If we want to know what is customer journey maps examples are, then we have to analyze all industry journey maps so that it helps in reviewing and boosting our business.

Image Source:uxpressia

Tools For Customer Journey Mapping

We know customers want outstanding service. The company that fails in producing a stable online customer experience drops customers right on the spot. It’s a chance to reach by increasing the customer journey.

We rounded up various tools for customer journey mapping that help in creating relevant customer journey maps. It is suitable for both your needs and budget.

Let us check various tools for customer journey mapping.

It is a cloud-based customer experience supervision platform that supports teams to envision, share, present, and increase their customer journeys. They allow features like real-time online collaboration with various users, alliances with a collection of data sources, a state-of-the-art interface with a natural drag-and-drop environment.

UXPressia offers adaptable customer or buyer Persona and a variety of predefined templates with a probability to create and share exclusive templates across the company.

Lucidchart is a visual tool for catching the customer experience with personalized templates and general shaping options. It helps in quickly visualizing conclusions that help in target particular personas, boost customer engagement, and increase ROI.

Microsoft Visio
It is software used for designing quality diagrams and flowcharts. Users create simple or complex customer data diagrams and offer a range of built-in shapes, objects, and stencils for work. The primary idea behind Visio is to make the process as easy as possible for the user. Analyzing the means of customer journey mapping for various companies easily.

It is a web-based editor and visualization tool used to design and edit diagrams. Gliffy is a lightweight for extremely technical diagrams, notably those that need teamwork to draft. It provides a good deal of elementary features such as Venn diagrams and organizational charts. It comes with the free version and paid version, but the free version of the diagrams becomes public so if you want confidential diagrams then go with the paid version.

It is a simple tool for customer journey mapping. Users design and share their customer maps quickly with their team to boost engagement and cross-functional teamwork. Custellence is familiar for its simplicity and its information curve is very low. It means you quickly get team members on board and using the tool and allows a flexible map structure, curve lanes, unique image collection, and much more.

OmniGraffle is a customer journey mapping tool used for wireframe design to interior design. Users produce precise & accurate customer journey maps encountered with colleagues.

Every professional designer uses this for random data mappers, and setting up diagrams makes use of OmniGraffle.

It is a visual customer experience executives software adopted for creating user journey maps, personas, and stakeholder maps. We reflect journey maps with various factors, such as backstage processes, channels, storyboards, live data for KPIs, and more. Teams easily share journey maps, comment on them, and exports, including PowerPoint.

We connect journey maps to create authority and visualize both the big picture and details of experiences. It helps to explain and interpret the context of customer types visually, like looking at real social user profiles.

IBM Journey Designer
It allows users to deliver customer journey maps in minutes. The marketing, sales, and customer service of the company collaboratively visualize cross-channel journeys. It sets basic marketing goals and designs personalized customer experiences.

IBM journey designer for multiple priority segments in a drag-and-drop interface in a user-friendly way. Users engage in discussions, send files and inform team members of any actions while building customer journeys.

Visual Paradigm
It is an online customer journey mapping and progress tool that helps establish UX initiatives and automate the complete recovery process. It zooms in on a particular customer journey on a peculiar channel and understands the customer journey and also boosts customer retention and conversion rates.

InMoment is a platform that enables its users to collect data from their various feedback channels. It turns into a cohesive set of customer data that every company uses and gets benefit from them. You can easily set up visualizations of customer touchpoints and communications within the customer journey. It covers three journey mapping engagement stages that give entrance to various services within the platform.

It comes with a natural interface that relates diagnostics, storytelling, prioritization and planning to a powerful and comprehensive customer experience management platform. SuiteCX tool provides various customer journey mapping templates with all communication segments kept in a centralized database.

Asana is a task and project management app that promotes team communication and collaboration. Users use this tool to set up customer journey maps and allow teams to follow them collaboratively from beginning to end. It is probably to add team members to projects and tasks, share files and interact with them.

It helps create, collude, and centralize communication for teamwork and offers an entire toolkit for a user story or customer journey mapping, wireframing, and much more. Miro helps the team to work with coordination, so they know all the factors.

There are many other tools for customer journey mapping that help to understand what is customer journey maps are. Companies now easily create customer journey maps for their business outcomes.

Wrap Up

UIUX Studio is a leading design agency and has been providing services since 2009 worldwide. Our experts know how to create customer journey maps for various companies. Our team uses the latest and advanced methods to map the customer journey.

UI UX design agency always prefer to use the best methods to create journey maps to analyze the performance of companies. It helps companies to improve some factors and quickly expand their work. Outsource graphic design India knows the importance of customer journey mapping.

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