11 Tips To Improve Your UX Design Practice

The focus has shifted from products and services to the customer in the internet world. If you are not attractive, informative, and most importantly convincing, you will probably be replaced by someone else who might not even be as good as you.

If you are running an online business, you might know the importance of UI and UX for your website. Though the UI is somewhat manageable, the user experience or UX is something you should consider and put up your ‘A-game.’ With the UX design best practices, you can ace your UX design and stand ahead of the crowd. But the same old question arises, how to improve your UX Design practice?

The internet is the key to everything that you want to do today. All you need to do is to see the bigger picture in everything. Dedication and consistency are key for a better conversion rate on an online eCommerce store. eCommerce UX design best practices take time, and with it, they give the result that might outpower even the giants in the industry. Moreover, you can also contact us at UIUX Studio to help you get great UI and UX.

So, to help you ace your game try out tried and tested UX design practice. So, here we have come up with 11 UX Design Best Practices that will give a boost to your business:

Using The Right Words

Somewhere while schooling, you might have heard the phrase ‘Words have power,’ and they can either help you or put you in trouble, well it is true. There is always an option available for the customer on the internet, and they can easily replace you with a few clicks.

So, you should give your users an experience that they can relate to. Technical terminology doesn’t bring your user any good. Since you care more about your business, your client cares more about their requirements.

Add valuable words that the user can relate to. Remember, communication is the key to a better experience. A simple trick has good quality content on your website. Keep it simple for long-term success as the visitor doesn’t care about your vocabulary skills.

Scripting Is Not For You

Market research and target audience research take your company to the next level. Even scripts for user research are something that every company should look forward to. However, if you are using scripts, then you are probably using a common path that is opted by your competition. Well, that can bore the audience and make your UX design practice worthless.

You should probably write your script since it is your project. We at UIUX studios have also developed some of the best scripts that have helped our clients. However, there is a secret that we add to that. We develop research guideline scripts that we have created and completely improvise according to your needs. Now that you know one of the best UX Design practice, go plan a user research script for your audience in a much-sophisticated way.

Forget About The Design

You must forget about visual design to learn the eCommerce UX design best practices. Now that you have completely kept your UI aside, you need to focus on what your user experience will be on the website. When you develop your UX design with UIUX Studio, you get to focus on user experience and not worry about the interface. Since you have a plan for your experience, you can design your interface based on that. Simple, isn’t it? Now go try this classic UX design process on your website without thinking about the visual design. This will help you explore different ideas and give you a completely new perspective about the user experience

Understand The Problem Before Looking For Solutions

Remember the examinations, when you started looking for answers even before having your question paper before you? Well, this isn’t an exam and here, writing anything just won’t work! Keep that in mind. You need to think like your user before designing a user experience. When you design your initial UX design, ask yourself questions like, why will any visitor stay on the website? Does the design have a hook from start to end? And the most important one, how can I make this better?

Ask yourself these questions? Well, there you go. You have solved half of your UX design problems using one of the best UX design process best practices.

Give Your Users a Pattern That Flows Like a River

Have you ever known the secret of a successful book or any algorithm of a social media site? It makes you read or keep scrolling without having any essence of time right. Similarly, your website design should have a flow, a pattern that will continue with the visitor until the end. It is not important to add what you like.

Follow the scripting pattern here and give your users the required flow that should stay with them for a long time. Know how your visitor reacts and give them the experience accordingly. Well, for your UX design practice, understand how your visitor will visit your website and design the experience according to it.

Bring The Goddamn Wall Down

It is a very common saying to think out of the box. Well, while designing an experience for your user, you sometimes simply run out of ideas. The same outline makes you bored and repetitive. The key to service this is to break the wall of that thinking box.

Stop for a while and design from a new perspective. Even though it’s quite rough initially. This will bring the flow in your creativity, and once a rough outline is ready, add those UX design practices to it, making that design worth visiting again and again and again.

New Tools Are Cool

Believe it or not, every new tool that you add to your design is cool. They have some of the other work, if brought into specific use, can surely create wonders for your UX design. Play with the tools and your design. Try adding some new wireframing or designing, giving them a turn. This helps you understand the design better and is one of the best ways to improve UX design practices.

Be Social, Talk To Other Designers

Designers often tend to believe that their design is simply the best. Well, they are not wrong, but at a point in time, your brain will be exhausted with the same ideas repeating again and again. That is the reason you need to be social. Talking to other designers is like talking to your old teacher. There is always something new to learn, and the insights they provide you can instantly help you design better.

Keep a Designing Journal

We know how you feel about a journal. These journals are just a waste of money and everything. Well, they might be if you don’t use them. Journals are important because when you put an idea on paper, it stays in your mind and allows you to be your own guide. Along with that, you will always have something to look at if you mess something up. Also, this will help you retrospect your skills that will prove essential in improving your UX design with the help of UX design best practices.

Stop Redesigning, Start Exploring

Some of the designs stand out of the crowd, and you want to make something like that as well. It is not wrong to redesign some big applications or websites initially, but that later becomes a habit. Such methods do not help you grow but just help you perfect someone else’s idea. Now, since you are a designer, you must be creative, so go there and design in such a way that will give your users a completely new experience altogether.

Think Like You Are The Visitor

The last 10 points will tell you one thing and one thing only; that is, if you want to improve your UX design, you need to practice a lot. Along with that, when you design, think like the visitor coming to your website. Have the purpose of designing in your mind, and then always ask the questions mentioned in point no. 4. and rethink like you are a visitor for twice or thrice. This will help you think critically and have more confidence in your skills.


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