Top 20 Prototyping Tools For Web & Mobile Applications

When we create something virtually, we must have a structure in mind before starting it with the product. Anyone who is somewhere related to the mobile application development procedure knows the importance of thorough planning and prototyping tools online. For the project to become successful, it is impertinent that you use the correct tools that match the vibe of the respective project. For this purpose, an app design company can help you.

Prototyping Tools

A prototype is a crucial part of any development process and user interface design. As in simpler terms, a prototype is a representation of the respective application in design and its working. Such as how it will flow from one screen to another. Hence a prototype is quite important and not just in respect of planning and design but in raising funds as well for the project.

In the field of the mobile app development process, the prototype of the mobile application shows us how the application will work. In the prototype, there are multiple techniques on which design consulting firms work. When it comes to the development of mobile applications, the technique is paper interface and sketches. This helps in developing an intuitive model of the application that is very similar to the results. The main objective behind developing a prototype for the project is to communicate the design of the product and increase the proficiency of the project development.

Rapid Free UI Prototyping Tools

Rapid Prototyping Tools free, commonly referred to as RPT, is an apparatus that helps analysts, developers, and designers in building mobile application prototypes and web application prototypes. The apparatus has multiple tools for designers to experiment and explore. There are free UI prototyping tools in the apparatus that lets you efficiently design your product.

To make your work easier, we bring you the list of top 20 prototyping tools online for UIUX designers that will benefit your work and make it easier for you in many ways.

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Prototyping Tools UX

Here are some of our top picks for the best prototyping tools UX that will help you build multiple applications for both mobiles and the web. In this list, we bring you tools that have interesting templates and built-in design features, and you can also customize your content. Most of the tools also offer free services for one or two projects.

It is one of the best prototyping tools free out there as it is as capable as Photoshop. It has a vector-specific design that makes it easier for UIUX designers not to fret over screen densities while creating logos, layouts, and mock-ups. It also has a brilliant ability to edit images. The most important part of this tool is that you can pre-design elements with the help of symbols that this tool comes up with. This helps in developing the project rapidly and makes Sketch the best prototyping tools web.

This tool lets the UIUX designers collaborate easily with a platform that is cloud-hosted and browser-based. It is quite similar to sketch, so if you have worked with a sketch before, it will be easier to understand this tool. Figma has a flexible style, and this lets the designers control the appearances of multiple elements such as grids and texts. It also has multiple plugins in its arsenal, such as Autoflow and Figmotion. Autoflow is for user flow illustration, whereas the latter one is for creating animations and other functionality.

Adobe Experience Design
Over time, Adobe has become one of the most widely used prototyping tools for apps. The tool is equipped with all the products of Adobe, thus making it a lot easier for designers to copy-paste from illustrator and Photoshop. The reason why it is mostly used is that Adobe gives all the functionalities that one gets in Sketch. Apart from this, it also has the feature of drag and drops that helps in creating the image mask for various objects that one drops from the finder.

The tool came into existence in the year 2011 and had a good reputation as they have introduced multiple new functions in their platforms that make the Invision tool designer’s favorite. The functions of this tool let the designers put all the functional prototypes together in less time, making it time-efficient. It also comes with a handy vector drawing tool and multiple tools for creating multiple animations and visual effects. The tool also makes it easy for the team to stay connected, thus making communication and collaboration its main strength.

The tool is specifically for Apple users that let you develop a thorough UX flow, plus it also adds shape and text to the flow. It is one of the best prototyping tools for apps in the market as, with the help of Framer, the development of layout has become quite easy and responsive while keeping the elements of UI intact. It also has advanced path editing. This feature helps you to draw anything that is for the web. It offers one of the best icons and styles that is important to build perfect prototypes.

Web Flow
The tool is famous for its good quality web animations, responsive web designs, and interactions.

It is a complete prototyping tool online for UIUX designers as it helps you to design applications from the start to the end. Apart from prototyping, it also designs mock-ups, persona, wireframes, diagramming, idea board, etc. the reason why this tool is in high demand is that it is also for coders. It lets you code and then adds ready components that will help you in creating almost perfect designs.

Origami Studio
It is a standalone prototyping tools web for designs. The tool is made by Facebook engineers, and it is quite complex, but it gives amazing functionality. Such it lets you preview the prototype with the help of Origami and copy-paste with the help of Sketch, and then again work on Origami. Some of its best features are it lets you record a prototype and send it from the application itself. Along with this, you can connect it with your Android or IOS and preview it live.

Such prototyping website tools come with more than 500 widgets for mobile applications and web applications for designers to choose for their prototypes. It also gives the function to test for mock-ups from any device of their choice.

Fluid UI
If you are looking for a tool that specializes in collaboration features, this is the right fit for you. It is a must-have tool for designers that want to have collaborations.

It is one of the easiest prototyping tools online. It is best for designers who are quite new in the field and have minimal experience in the development of the prototype. The best feature of this tool is its integration with Sketch and Photoshop.

The best feature of this tool is its speed which helps the designers to sketch concepts in less time. It is a graphic tool that is very handy in every situation, such as mobile applications, web applications, User interfaces, etc. the tool is time efficient and gives the designers the same experience as they get while working on whiteboards. It is very convenient with the help of Balsamiq to drag and position multiple elements.

It is a platform-independent tool that enables the illustrating elements to pop and bounce with dexterity. It also gives the freedom to users to transit from one screen to another, along with giving the power to designers to animate more than one element on the same page.

The tools help you to upload designs and wireframes from Sketch and Photoshop and add it to your Zeplin folder. With this tool, the iterations that happen in real-time do not let developers wait for the designs to finish.

Mockplus iDoc
This tool allows the designers to automate handoff designs and export multiple designs from tools like Sketch, Adobe XD, Photoshop, etc. the tool helps you in creating interactive prototypes and makes collaboration easier.

Is for creative designers and is quite easy to use. The tool is for creating paper prototypes and wireframes.

The tool is a fully functional application that operates on Mac, and it helps in creating a Hi-Fi Prototype. You can easily integrate such prototyping website tools with Sketch with the help of a Plugin.

It helps in transforming Photoshop files into live sites. This tool lets you do this without writing a single code.

Hype 3
The best feature of Hype is to work in this tool. You are not required to know any code at all. It will work on multiple devices such as desktops, tablets, and mobile.
This one of the best prototyping tools UX helps you in developing an elaborate prototype and also lets you work on micro-interactions with multiple mobile application users. You can do this with its feature of interface animation.


With the help of the above-mentioned list, we can conclude the importance of prototyping and prototyping website tools. They are an important part of the development process & IT Industry Design services as they will help you in gathering feedback, and for projects that are large scale with multiple moving parts, it is a must. Apart from these 20 mentioned apps, there are others as well that will help you in your project and will let you have the best experience in the venture with the best prototyping tools web in eCommerce Industry Design services.