7 eCommerce App Design Tips For Building The Best App

Ecommerce and mobile websites are now part and parcel of life. We cannot imagine our life without online stores, and over time, the sector of online stores will become more and more competitive. Ecommerce app design is now more important than ever with the ever-growing competition in the market of e-commerce. Multiple eCommerce Industry Design services offer the best prices and good customer services such as fast delivery, user-friendly interface, etc. To stand out in the market from your competitors, a well-crafted interface is now a necessity.

As per multiple statistical data of web design companies, online sales are growing exponentially, meaning more and more people are switching to online portals for their regular needs. In modern times Ecommerce app design is one of the best and most effective solutions for you to know your audience and get in touch with them to increase revenue.

Ecommerce App UI Design

There are multiple factors on which the sales of your product depend. One factor that plays an important role is Ecommerce app UI design—having an eye-catching design increases your chance to gain profit and increase revenue along with a good user experience. If you have the right design for your audience, they will buy your product.

We know how difficult it is sometimes to create an Ecommerce app UI design that best suits the interest of your customers. But you don’t have to worry today. We bring you seven golden rules that will help you create an effective eCommerce app design. You will find these tips useful if you are-

  1. Thinking of creating an Ecommerce app homepage design for your website or a newcomer in the sector of the eCommerce market and have no clue what to do and where to start.
  2. Thinking of improving your already existing website for better sales and user interaction.
  3. If you have a brilliant idea about your business and want to enter the market to grow your business with your solution.

If you belong to any of the above-mentioned categories, you will find the tips below quite useful for your ventures and endeavors.

7 Tips For Better eCommerce App Design

User Interface design is what makes your business stand out in the market from your competitors. To help you in making fewer mistakes and creating the best eCommerce app UI design, we bring you the best tips from the market to help you in your process of creating the best app UI design.

Clarity and Simplicity
The first thing that grabs the attention of the user when they enter an application is the UI design of your application, as it helps your customers to navigate and explore the website and make searches. It is pertinent that you keep in mind to make the navigation clear and simple for your ecommerce app homepage design. Your home screen should focus on having a clear layout. Apart from this, the mobile screen and desktop screen are two different tangents altogether. Mobile screens are tricky as they have limited space, so try to make the navigation process, search features, and other content as neat and clean as possible.

Your eCommerce mobile app design should focus on your customers and make their experience easy and user-friendly. To make this happen, here are some of the things that you should avoid in your eCommerce app design.

  1. Avoid designs that have multiple texts and animation, as it will only confuse your customers.
  2. Avoid junk and unnecessary elements that will make it hard for customers to find the product.
  3. Try using color schemes that are simple such as monochromatic color schemes or analogous. You can also use colors that are eye-pleasing and do not put a strain on the eyes of your customers.
  4. Use simple font types and not experiment with having multiple types of fonts on the page. The best practice is to opt for default fonts for the page.
  5. Give importance to spacing and emphasize creating multiple sections for different things under your eCommerce mobile app design.

Quick Checkout and Login Procedure
if you look at the best e-commerce app design out there. One thing that you will find common in all of them is they have easy checkout and login processes. It is one of the most important features in Ecommerce app design. It is quite irritating to type in the same details again and again. If your website has an annoying and long sign-in and sign-out process then it will work to your disadvantage. You will lose your customers.

The best practice in such a situation is to make your login process easy. You can do this by giving the option to log in via other social media handles such as Gmail and Facebook. This helps your customers to log in without any hassle and type their details. The same understanding goes when you design your checkout process for your ecommerce app homepage design. At checkout, don’t ask for unnecessary information. Only ask for relevant details.

Suppose you do not make your sign-in and sign-out procedure crisp and short for your eCommerce app homepage design. It will result in lost profit and abandoned carts.

One Hand Input
Most of us navigate and does our work on our smartphones. It is quite unlikely for customers to open a desktop for everything. To have the best ecommerce app design, all the elements that will help the user to take prompt actions should be at the Thumb Friendly Zone.

A thumb-friendly zone is a space on the screen where users can easily reach with their fingers and perform the action. To increase your sales and have the best ecommerce app homepage design put all the necessary elements in that zone.

Here are some of the buttons that you should put in the thumb-friendly zone-

  1. Cart Icon or Button
  2. Icon of proceeding that lets the customers move from cart to checkout
  3. Last and most important is the Pay Icon/Button at the payment screen.

Three-Tap Rule
The rule is another method of keeping it simple and clear for customers to perform actions. In simpler terms, it is the rule that minimizes the effort of customers and performs the task in three easy steps. When you use it on your smartphone, it is quite easy to work. eCommerce mobile app design works best under this rule and is beneficial for both users and service providers, such as processing and browsing products, adding the products to the cart, and payments procedures.

The best method and practice for three tap rules for any ecommerce mobile app design is to organize your products into categories. Here are three ways in which you can categorize your products.

  1. Products
  2. Sub-Categories
  3. Categories

With the increasing mobile phone consumption, there is an increase in multiple security breaches as well. To have the best ecommerce app design, you should make security your utmost priority. When you have an application, you ask for personal details and payment details from your customers.

A poorly secure application has a high risk of getting hacked and breaching the personal information of users. It is because of this reason that you should provide high security. It is one feature that customers value a lot and could make your application the best ecommerce app design.

Auto Suggestions
This feature is quite handy under the ecommerce app homepage design for the customers and your audience as it makes the experience user-friendly. It also helps the service providers to collect data on their customers and make future upgrades on that data to provide the best user experience. After storing the data, the app will use the auto recommendation in times when you have to fill out the same information again. They also predict common search queries and recommend similar products. This makes the experience for your customers easy to find products of their choice. Hence making your application the best ecommerce app design.

Prompt Customer Services
No matter how simple you make your E-commerce app design, customers will have some query or another. As the service provider, you have to answer all their queries so that you can build good customer relationships with your audience. This interaction is a must-have for any e-commerce application that deals with customers. The best way to do this is by providing a live chat support system. This is one of the most important features of e-commerce mobile app design. No application can function without this feature.


With this, we can conclude that app design plays a vital role in achieving your goals as a service provider. These are some of the tips that you can incorporate into your Ecommerce app design using eCommerce Industry Design services. Apart from this, you can learn a great deal from Ecommerce giants and their websites. By observing them, we can find various new perspectives on the design. Thus it will help in the overall experience of creating the best e-commerce app UI design. By following these tips, you will have an application that will help you in achieving all your goals and make a difference in the business and market with trending IT Industry Design services.